Wednesday, 29 June 2011

...Race For Life...

i haven't made a big deal of this, but i thought as it is for a good cause, why shouldn't i? this sunday i am running 5K for the Race for Life. this is only for women, and is in aid of cancer research, a charity very close to my heart. both my grandma and nanna babara died of cancer. it is on 5K but i have never done anything like this, and feel really proud of myself. i don't want seem pushy but if you feel like showing your support, please visit my page. leave comments or even donate. every little helps. 

of course i will be posting all about the days festivities. will be a good day, hanging with my family (my mum, cousins and aunty are running as well) and having some laughs.

love to all, hope you are making most of the weather (if in the U.K).

Monday, 27 June 2011

...Mid-Year summary...

at the beginning of this year, i made a list of things i wanted to acquire. i have managed to achieve all but one, my barbour jacket. everything else has been completed.

as we have passed the mid point of 2011, i have decided to create a list of goals that i can aspire to. not necessarily objects for me to purchase. over the past months i have lost my passion for creativity. have got stuck in a lull and am not sure how to pull myself out. i am not going to weep about it on here, as my blog is space for me to plant my aspirations and be positive. i have been thinking a lot about what i want in life and what will make me happy. i have come up with a list, or dreams i want to achieve. i have seen a lot of people on blogs i follow do this sort of thing, and i find it very inspiring seeing what people want out of life. how they will go about fulfilling those dreams.

sorry for poor quality
this is a little piece of something, that i'm in no hurry to make happen. it is a guide to me focused and driven. this is about getting my life on track and doing things that make me happy, not because they are the easier option.

happy monday all.


Sunday, 26 June 2011

...Liberty, Liberty...

floral patterns is something i struggle to resist. when i heard about the liberty print shoes for nike, i was, like, hell to the yeh, i want those bad boys. i had said a few psots back that i was saving to prepalce my beloved converse shoes that have been worn to death. vans were a possible option for me , but then i saw these and i knew instantly they were going to be me.

perfect colours, perfect fit and so comfy to wear. these shoes were the only thing exempt from my spending ban this month. they were a necessity. a must have for summer. being low tops they will go with short, skirts and even dresses, without giving my legs that thick calf look.
am doing alright so far. its struggle seeing so many nice things around. although it feels nice and satisfying just browsing at things. satisfies me enough. i may even continue it on into next month. budgeting only for sonisphere and a very exciting excursion that i will divulge details later. seriously cannot for wait july. going to be a good month me thinks. 


Tuesday, 21 June 2011


happy birthday to my wonderful boyf. as it's james's birthday today, my image of the week is another one of mine own creations. taken of james sleeping in the park, i like the way the image draws you in. it's up close, personal and intimate.

not a brilliant image, but i like its intensity of simple colours.

so second day of my week long commute into work from worthing. it's going pretty well. mostly i sleep for the better part of the journey. i like being able to see james on a regular basis. having dinner, chilling watching telly and just hanging out like a normal couple. not having to think about when we can make time to see each other. it becomes boring and a bit of a chore. if this commute works, then my time in worthing will be become more frequent.

have a lovely tuesday


Monday, 20 June 2011

...Things I Like...

again, i have not done one of these posts in a long time. been so busy at the moment. am on a spending ban, apart from the bare essentials such as travel, food and toiletries. plus, this week i am commuting from worthing. trying out living with boyf for a week, and testing the waters. day one, hasn't been too bad really. gone quickly i must say. slept on the train for most of the journey and have been busy getting on with work, that the morning has flown by.

the only thing i have been craving, i found it on bunnipunch's web page, is this bag. the leather looks so perfect and the more use it gets the better the leather will become. i'm saving up to buy it. so tempted to just click the 'buy' button online but no, being a good girl. it's from the spanish brand, medwinds.

and now, a couple of blogs i have been reading lately are again some of my faves. they are primarily new to my list. that's the best thing about finding new blogs, is how easy it is to spend an afternoon flicking through old posts and discovering new things.

i love this blog so much. a perfect lifestyle blog. different, simple, and enjoyably wonderful. 

2) sydney - 
again another simple and perfect lifestyle blog. i've always enjoyed reading about other people's lives and seeing how things change. not 'cos i'm nosey but i like to think, one day i could have a life as happy and filled as that.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

...King's Court...

tucked away between regents street and carnaby street, this tiny, little court with three levels was a wonderful treat to stumble upon. cute cafe's, yoga studio and a lovely, retro vintage store. unfortunately i was not allowed to take pictures inside, as much as i wanted to. everything was delicious and i wanted to buy it all. but i prevailed and behaved myself, only looking not buying. sucks being on a spending ban.

all the shop windows are amazing. simple and classic. nothing to brash or overbearing. just enough to entice and draw you in their shop.

if you are ever around london, more specifically oxford street, regent street area, pop into this quaint court and marvel in its prettiness. there is this amazing cake shop, c'est ici, and it all looked yummy. i didn't get anything, but i may next time i'm around.

what kinds of places have you guys stumbled upon that make you smile and appreciate the area you live in?


Monday, 13 June 2011

...Girl About Town...

snippet of my weekend here for you to see. bit of friday, saturday. filled but not hectic. hanging out and catching up with friends. exploring new places, and purchasing some rather snazzy items. dont worry still on my spending ban. remember those shoes i was saving to buy, well they deserve a post in themselves. watch this blog, ha! went to this really small rock bar, up in soho on friday. made a welcome change from the standard bars in and around london. from there my and georgia found this amazing mexican food place. their burritos were just, amazing. tasty and perfect filling. plus with margaritas what more can a girl ask for.

i just love the girls dresses in the pictures above. colourful and playful. the girl in the tangerine, feathery outfit was my favourite. turned out saturday was a nice sunny day. always better when your out in town and its sunny. rained a little in the morning but cleared up nicely. sunday was lovely as well. will post pics of that separately, otherwise you guys will have been overloaded with images.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

...Testing, Testing, 1,2,3...

here are some test shots taken this week with my new canon 500D. resolution is so clear and picks up every minute detail. all images were taken on a standard 18-55mm lens. am saving for a 50mm lens. i hear they a good lense to invest in. i haven't edited any of these images, as i am waiting for photoshop to finish downloading. and yes admitedly most of these shots are of my dog, louis. what can i say? he's a pretty good model and i love him so, so much. anyways enjoy...

p.s if anyone has any good advice on using dslr's, throw it my way as i'm a beginner to this. am use to film mostly.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

...New Goods...

earings my mum bought me

taken with my new DSLR, 500D to be exact, are some pictures of new items i have acquired over the past weekend. all bargains either charity shop or on sale. these are the last bits and pieces i have brought for this next month, as i have out myself on a spending ban. eek! i know, its going to be tough. basically i want to save to move out and for my holiday to spain in august. but the biggest thing i'm saving for, is my short digital photography course, which i'm hoping to enroll in at the end of this month.

there are only a few things i have allowed myself to buy this month as they are necessary items. 1. new bras, 2. new camera bag (off ebay of course), and finally 3. some new vans. my converse have gone to put. so just those three items.

the idea with ban on my purse strings, is to make me really think about what i need and what want. if it's things i want then i'll wait for birthday's or christmas or when it means so much to me to get. if not any of those criteria then i will not be spending my cash. i want to become more frugal with my money and start saving more.

so, that's it. a little bit about what's happening in my life. will be posting some tester pictures taken with my new DSLR. love it love it love it.

Monday, 6 June 2011

...Car boot...

went to this little car boot sale on saturday. wasn't brilliant. held at james old primary school. was mostly made of of old toys and things. but i did manage to nab a new bag, well old/new bag. £2, bargain. we then headed into town and checked out some of the local charity shops. again not much accept this cute little shirt from monsoon. very orla keily style. thought it would be good for work. usual the shops in worthing do a good selection of stuff but not lately. oh well. here are my two pics from that day.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


haven't done one of these in for a while now. feel very bad as this weekly post was something i really look forward to sharing with you guys. back here it is this saturday back in full swing from now. beginning to get my mojo back.

this picture was taken by lukazs wiezbowski. simple, dreamy image. the delicate placing of the flower in her mouth and washedo ut tones used, make my heart swoon. the image is beautiful in its elegant simplicity. i aspire to take photos like this. effortless and dreamy...

his images all very 'real' and down to earth. not gimicky or edited but laid bay for all to see. 
have a great saturday.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

...Summing up...

finally this post is going up. last week and this week went a little like this...some pics of john berger, night out in brighton with my girfriends, breakfast, magazines, shoes. not a lot as my life is not that feeling under the weather at the moment so i apologise for the lack of posting. when i'm ill my blogging mojo disappears...

images in no particular order. sorry its a nothing post.