Monday, 13 June 2011

...Girl About Town...

snippet of my weekend here for you to see. bit of friday, saturday. filled but not hectic. hanging out and catching up with friends. exploring new places, and purchasing some rather snazzy items. dont worry still on my spending ban. remember those shoes i was saving to buy, well they deserve a post in themselves. watch this blog, ha! went to this really small rock bar, up in soho on friday. made a welcome change from the standard bars in and around london. from there my and georgia found this amazing mexican food place. their burritos were just, amazing. tasty and perfect filling. plus with margaritas what more can a girl ask for.

i just love the girls dresses in the pictures above. colourful and playful. the girl in the tangerine, feathery outfit was my favourite. turned out saturday was a nice sunny day. always better when your out in town and its sunny. rained a little in the morning but cleared up nicely. sunday was lovely as well. will post pics of that separately, otherwise you guys will have been overloaded with images.