Sunday, 26 June 2011

...Liberty, Liberty...

floral patterns is something i struggle to resist. when i heard about the liberty print shoes for nike, i was, like, hell to the yeh, i want those bad boys. i had said a few psots back that i was saving to prepalce my beloved converse shoes that have been worn to death. vans were a possible option for me , but then i saw these and i knew instantly they were going to be me.

perfect colours, perfect fit and so comfy to wear. these shoes were the only thing exempt from my spending ban this month. they were a necessity. a must have for summer. being low tops they will go with short, skirts and even dresses, without giving my legs that thick calf look.
am doing alright so far. its struggle seeing so many nice things around. although it feels nice and satisfying just browsing at things. satisfies me enough. i may even continue it on into next month. budgeting only for sonisphere and a very exciting excursion that i will divulge details later. seriously cannot for wait july. going to be a good month me thinks.