Monday, 20 June 2011

...Things I Like...

again, i have not done one of these posts in a long time. been so busy at the moment. am on a spending ban, apart from the bare essentials such as travel, food and toiletries. plus, this week i am commuting from worthing. trying out living with boyf for a week, and testing the waters. day one, hasn't been too bad really. gone quickly i must say. slept on the train for most of the journey and have been busy getting on with work, that the morning has flown by.

the only thing i have been craving, i found it on bunnipunch's web page, is this bag. the leather looks so perfect and the more use it gets the better the leather will become. i'm saving up to buy it. so tempted to just click the 'buy' button online but no, being a good girl. it's from the spanish brand, medwinds.

and now, a couple of blogs i have been reading lately are again some of my faves. they are primarily new to my list. that's the best thing about finding new blogs, is how easy it is to spend an afternoon flicking through old posts and discovering new things.

i love this blog so much. a perfect lifestyle blog. different, simple, and enjoyably wonderful. 

2) sydney - 
again another simple and perfect lifestyle blog. i've always enjoyed reading about other people's lives and seeing how things change. not 'cos i'm nosey but i like to think, one day i could have a life as happy and filled as that.