Monday, 18 July 2011

...Rainy Luncheon...

well i was hoping the weather in london this weekend would be better than it is now. oh, well, didnt stop me from having some friends over, eating drinking and listening to music. the sun popped his out for a while, so we could at least eat outside, then proceeded to rain...again. was such a lovely way to end my week. not gonna lie been a pretty rubbish week. what with the downer from sonisphere, um and getting laid off from work. i needed a little pick me up. plus i saw a double rainbow, which is a good omen to me. so i'm not gonna rant and feel sorry for myself here. it is all for the best. i have time to think about what i really want to do in life. i've got courses booked, like i mentioned in a previous post. and i have a two week holiday in spain coming up. anyways below are some images i took throughout the day. hope you guys have all had a lovely weekend, and the weather has been pleasant for you.