Sunday, 3 July 2011

..Sunday Update...

boy am i knackered today. i completed the race for life, 5k in 33 mins. not too shabby. we got medals and everything. was very hot though. got bit burnt on my back. i now have some nice strap marks on my back. this is after putting cream on. always the way. i also feel very prud because i raised £80 for cancer research.

all in all today was a great day. will blog a proper this coming week when i get my pics together. also this afternoon went to see bridesmaids with my mumma. oh my god, so funny. just absolutely brilliant. was given 90% on rotten tomatoes. if you have yet to go see it please do. cannot recommend it enought i tell you. laugh out loud moments. the whole audience was loving it.

sorry i've got npt pics to show you all, and that it is a very brief post. just wanted to show you all am still here. jsut been very busy this week. with planning our office party, which by the way am putting together a post to show you guys, and also training for today. come tomorrow back to normal blogging.

have a good evening.