Friday, 23 September 2011

...H&M A/W...

I got my latest H&M catelog through in the post and am loving their A/W collection. Gorgeous knitwears, perfect winter dress. Have already made a note of a few items I want. Some knee high boots, a few dresses and cardys here.

But alas this will not be the case. I have put myself on a strict budget and that means a spending ban has been put into place up until the end of November. Mainly because I will need to start my xmas shopping then and plus I am saving up to move out. Therefore, I am going to try and re-work my already bulging wardrobe and see what new outfits I can put together.  I'm hoping that this will give my clothes a new lease of life.

So from tomorrow this new me will begin, as it's my friends bday night. I would usually think of getting a new outfit but no this time I'm gonna put somehting together I already have. Those pieces you put away for 'special' occassions and then never get round to wearing them. I have, over the past few weekends when visiting home, been going through my clothes and desizing it. Giving tp charity what I seriously haven't worn in a very long time, and probably never plan to wear in the future. It is actually very refreshing. An autumn clean out...