Tuesday, 13 September 2011

...Must Haves...

A must have staple for me during the colder months, is a good pair of cordoirory trousers. Either in a deep navy or burgundy. Unfortunately last year I had to give away my pair as they didn't fit me anymore. Luckily though I have the perfect replacement, and get this they were cheap as chips. A gorgeous bootcut fit and in a lovey maroon, burgundy colour. Having seen this colour around for a while, I've wanted to jump on the fashion band wagon and get my hands on a pair for ages. Thanks to Sainsburys of all places I did. Their clothing range is getting better and better. Good quality items for a fraction of the price compared to most highstreet brands.

Along with these, here is a typical outfit I would wear to work. Jeans, comfy t' and a good pair of shoes. Working with children I have come to realise I cannot wear some of my nicer pieces, as they either get paint, food, or spit on them. The pic here is of what I wore to work yesterday. Unfortunetly I took these after I got back, so please excuse the splotches of red paint...

Boots - Peacocks, Top - Zara, Jeans - Primark, Scarf - Primark

comment responses:
jo: thanks so much. i got them from TK Maxx