Wednesday, 21 September 2011

...What I Wore...

So, yesterday was a bit mixed up. Firstly the weather could not make up its mind. Humid, bit of rain then sunny, then cloudy. Does not g odown well trying to plan your days outfit. Secondly, was caleld into work and then left early. One of the kids went home early which meant I could leave. That was nice though 'cos I went and did some window shopping. Saw lots of lovely nice pieces that I would like for Autumn/Winter.  The colours are all so warm and inviting. Soft tones and fabrics. I love wrapping in cardys and jumpers. Thick tights.

Below are some more pics of what I wore. James really got into taking these pictures. Had to snatch the camera off him. Ha!


Top - Select, Headwarmer - Select, Jeans - Primark, Leather jacket - Topshop (ebay), Shoes - Liberty for Nike, Ring - H&M