Monday, 3 October 2011

...Music Bread...

*Heavy Picture Overload*

This Saturday I celebrated my 23rd birthday. If you have read my previous posts then you would have seen that I didn't really get to see anyone on my actual birthday. Not that I'm precious about these things. So, I invited a few of my close friends out, up into London (Westfield) for a late lunch. I chose Jamie's Italian. The food there is delicously scrumptuous. 

I took so many food pictures that I have decided to split my 'bday posts' up. This post will consist of the food, another of what I wore and then another of general musings. Sorry if it all gets a tad boring after a while. My good friend Laura, from my previous job, made me some very tasty Oreo cookie cupcakes. They went down amazingly with everyone. Mmmm yummy!!!!! Enjoy...