Saturday, 15 October 2011

...The Old Market...

Friday was such a lovely day. Was home for a couple of days for my course, which meant I could squeeze in some much needed friend time. We decided to head into Borough Market. The food there is just amazing. So much to look at and the smells are mouth watering. Of course I had my trusty camera with me and was snapping away, much to the amusement of my friend. Literally stopping every few seconds to take a picture. I put it away after a while once I got the images I wanted. Found I was missing out on loads of good stuff.

Was just so nice to hanging out for an hour, catching up on things. Being down south now, I do miss my friends much more than when I was at uni. Mostly because being at uni, you knew you were going to coming back home at some point. But this time round, I'm trying to create a life down here. Scary and excting all at the same time. Next week, will hopefully be the beginning of these changes.