Sunday, 30 October 2011

...Sunday Update...

Well, another week gone. I have finished my film course this week and am sad I will not be hanging out with my new friends. glad that I will finally be able to show what we've been working on. Can't wait. Watch this space.

I have started my NVQ in childcare. Love studying and am thorughly enjoying it. Applying for the PGCE is tough. Getting the personal statement right is the hardest thing ever. Trying to sell yourself is something I find very difficult. Fingers crossed 'ey.

Have a solid week at work, which is great. Really enjoying it at the moment. And then hopefully another fun filled weekend. An upcoming gig with the mother and then bonfire night. Should be good.

This weekend was lovely. Home again. Met up with my friends from my course, went to an exhibition at the Bloomberg Space near Moorgate and then for dinner and drinks. Was a funny evening. Lots of food, alcohol and laughing. Have some posts on that later. You know the usual stuff what we got up to and what I wore. Am now about to sit down for yet another sunday roast. Mmmmmm yummy.

Again I hope your weekends have been wonderful...