Wednesday, 30 November 2011

...All American Girl...

...the diner...

Found this amazing american diner in Carnaby St. when I went for lunch with my friends on Sunday called The Diner. I'm sure it's old news, but I had never been there before but will defo be going there from now on. The menu was jam packed with so much variety and I had trouble choosing what to eat. Of course I went for the classic Coke float and cheese burger. It. Was. Yum. Perfect Sunday dining. Relaxed and fun environment to chat and catch up with friends. My friend Emma (another blogger) and I were both snapping away on our cameras for images that were clearly going to be up on our blogs at some point.

Our waiter was lovely and really welcoming. I could of stayed there all afternoon, but it was obviously a popular place to eat as it was getting fairly busy. So we had to move on. *Sad face*.