Sunday, 13 November 2011

...Sunday Upated...

Such a rubbish week. Basically I've been ill for the majority of it. The joy. Missed three days of work, which I don't get paid for. I came down with a chest infection and have been coughing up my guts pretty much everyday since Tuesday night. Luckily I am feeling much better. Got me antibiotics and new asthma pump. Fun, ha! Cannot wait to get back to work tomorrow. Have missed it. Not just saying that, I love my job, really do. 
So what have I done then this week. Ha, nothing. Had to bail on my friend tonight, as I wanted to get another final nights rest ready for tomorrow. Gutted. No comedy night for me. Boo...Friday evening I spent the night celebrating our family friend's 60th. Obviously I barley drank and tried to get an early night. Felt pretty rubbish. Sent off my assignment one for my course and began number two. Nervous about the marks, so fingers crossed, eek! There you have it. pretty boring week. Mostly filled with bed rest and films and being waited on my gorgeous, lovely boyfriend. He was the best.

Now am going to get back to Strictly...