Sunday, 27 November 2011

...Sunday Update #6 ...

Another packed week. A photography gig on Monday,  which I was so proud of doing, lots of work and then coursework, drinks last night and a day in town with the girls from uni. Today was the first day I have started to feel christmassy and I think it's primarily because of seeing the christmas lights and displays around Oxford St. Was lovely and so pretty. Also because I have now two of my pressies sorted. Boom! 

I was planning on driving back to Worthing this evening but there were hassel with the trains and had to get the bus replacement back from London, and am now knackered and just want to chill. So, I am driving straight to work tomorrow morning. 

Have a big week coming up, James's band are playing their first gig this coming Thursday, so if you're around the Worthing area and read my blog, come and check them out. They are pretty darn good and I'm not just saying that, *wink*. As well as this the deadline for my PGCE application is this coming week and I have completed it. Eek. Just need my reference and off it goes. Fingers crossed. A lot of effort went into the personal statement and I so want to get in. Then on Saturday, am finaly going to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Ahhhhhhhh cannot wait. Plus am going to try and get all my shopping done too.

Hope your weekends were fun filled and am looking forward to seeing all the posts on the Birmingham Xmas meet up...