Sunday, 20 November 2011

...Sunday Update...

What a busy week. First week back at work after being ill and boy was I knackered by Monday evening. But was soooo good to be finally working. Trying to make up the shifts I missed and earn some much needed money, which will be going straight into 'moving out saving' fund. Yes, James and I have started to plan moving into together round February 2012. Eek. Getting our own place. I am practically living at his at the moment for work, so we thought it's been long enough why not find our own place to call home. How exciting and scary at the same time. I have lived away from home since going to uni but this is different I feel. Maybe more special right. I am currently dreaming of ways to decorate and add my own little touches to things. 

We are such an old couple it's beyond a joke. We can't wait to stay in and cook our own meals, and more precisely I am way too excited about cleaning. Bursting at the seams here. Anyway will keep you updated with more details later.

Tomorrow evening I have been asked to help with an event and to take stills for it and possibly some videos. Can't wait to spill the beans about it on Tuesday. Next weekend will be a busy one. Going out with friends, coursework and lunch with uni friends in London, with a trip to Forver21. But I am not buying anything except christmas pressies and even that is on a strict budget limit. Shame but you know must be frugel in these times.

So that's pretty much nmy life at the moment. Not too exciting as always, but just me. I am now currently, if you have been following me on twitter, in my new onesie attempting to do some assignments. Boo...mmm maybe its time for hot chocolate. Yes indeedy...