Wednesday, 7 December 2011

...18 Days, and freezing...

Pretty stressful day today. Lots of noisey children and unhappy children. I love my job so much but sometimes there is so much sensory information thrown at you constantly throughout the day that it all can get a bit too much. Luckily everyone I work with are supportive and you know that it's not just you who is suffering. Apart from that my day has been uneventful. Very cold though I must say. All of a sudden the temperature has dropped, and I'm needing to wear at least two jumpers...inside, ha! Beautiful sky though when out with this children this afternoon. Had to take a quick snap. Full moon soon I think.

Trying to finish my assgnment for but cannot get my brain in gear. So I have opened a bottle of red wine to help me unwind. Just had a nice long bath and am now here uploading pics and jamming in my onesie, waiting for James to get back so we can watch the latest episode of 'New Girl. I love this show so much. Funny, quirky and Zooey is so pretty, that I think I have a little bit of a girl crush on her. 

Tomorrow I am watching James play his second gig, this time in Brighton. Will be fun. Meeting with friends as well. Should be good. Right, for now I am off and see you guys Friday most likely.

Happy Wednesday. Only 18 days left 'till Christmas...