Monday, 5 December 2011

...21 Days to go...

...a typical monday...

Mondays are never brilliant. Weekends been and gone, got to get up early for work and now its getting even colder no ones wants to leave the warm sanctury of their cosy beds. But for me, apart from the frost on my car (I know, Winter finally here) my Monday wasn't too bad. Work was actually really lovely. Monday's are usually very stressful, jam-packed and noisey. Fortunetly there were less children in the nursery today. 9 in the morning and a delightful 6 this afternoon. Was still shattered by the end, but it made for a lovely day. We usually have up to 15 children, going down to 13 in the afternoon. Now it may not seem like a lot but when it's a mixture of 1-4 year old's it's pretty tough going. But I love it still. Took a few snpas of my day, mostly of my evening's attempts at coursework. Too darn cold to anything, brrr. Am having to wear two jumpers. Don't mind the cold weather when I can at least be warm.

How have your Monday's all been?