Tuesday, 13 December 2011

...Santa Baby...

...a few little things...

Of course this had to be done. Have seen a few of these knocking about in the blogging world. I do like seeing what kinds of things inpsire other people. Unfortunetly mine is not a creatively designed but it does the job it needs to.

Here are just a few items that I don't really need but would like for Christmas. I'm not sure whated I wanted this year, as I have pretty everything I need right now. So what you have here are just somethings off my amzon wishlist that has been slowly building up (was hard to pick just a few, it's a pretty long list)...I mean to be honest this all really just stuff that I've seen knocking about...

1. 'Hardcore Zen' by Brad Warner. This book is meant to amazing, funny, sad and eye opening. 
2. 'Sophie Dahl's new cook book. Her receipies are divine.
3. 'Chanel: An intimate Life'. After seeing 'Coco Before Chanel' I started researching books and this was the most recommended biography.
4. What kind of wishlist would this be without a 2012 planner. Loved the cute bird design on the cover.
5. A pair of creepers.
6. Asos, blue scalloped coller dress.
7. This adorable tote bag, which is ethical produced. 

I very much enjoyed putting this post together, if a little frustrating at times. Am not the most gifted person when it comes to using computers...