Sunday, 4 December 2011

...Sunday Update #7...

Some good news, I passed my assignment 3 out of 7 for my childcare course. Only 4 more to go. My application for a PGCE has been paid for and was finally sent off completely finished on Wednesday. All I have to do now is wait to see if I get any interviews. Very scary. Trying not to think about it too much. 

James had his first gig on Thursday, which went really well. He is definitely fired up for the next one happening this coming week. Again I will be taking more pictures. All I ever do it seems. Finally got all my christmas shopping out the way yesterday, a post on that to come. My schedule this coming week is pretty packed. Lots of shifts at work and then buckling down in the evenings to do my next assignment. Then on Saturday heading over to Southampton for my friend's birthday. Still undecided about whether I am going to stay the night. May just stay until the last train. My reasoning is not just because of money issues, saving to move out, but also the fact that she has a tiny one bedroom flat, and four of our other friends will be staying, so it will be very cramped. And I just usually after a night out I wanna crash in my own bed and not worry about having to get home the next feeling crappy, tired and possibly hungover. 

I sound like an old lady I know, but it's true. I've moved past that stage of just being able to crash wherever I can and not let it faze me the next day. Hopefully though just going for the day and some of the evening will be enough. At least I still get to see everyone which is the most important thing.

Am pretty much in the christmas mood now. Having seen all the lights and hearing christmas music in the stores. Plus at work, we are beginning to make our christmas decorations for the nursery with the children. So much fun. I love my job...