Sunday, 11 December 2011

...Sunday Update #8...

Well, well this was definetly a busy week for me. Lots of shifts at work, which as lovely, James had his second gig, and I travelled over to Southampton for a friend's birthday, Emma. Found out I passed my assignment 4, after needing to re-submitt. Always frustrating when that happens. But am coming ever closer to getting my qualification.

Today I have done absolutely nothing, and it felt great. Was meant to head into town but the weather has been totally grim and unwelcoming. So James and I went out for warm, hearty, roast at our local carvery. I did a little bit of coruse for my next assignment. Mostly some reading and note taking. Find it helps me plan how I want to answer the questions.

Am going home tomorrow evening for a couple of days. Have a day off work on Tuesday and want to see my mumma and catch up with friends from home. Then at the end of the week it is our work christmas do. Should be a lot fun. Last year's one, which I was invited although wasnt working at the nursery at the time, was great. Dinner and a gig never fail. This year we are going to some dinner, event thing. It is described as an adult Alice in Wonderland theme. So we will see. Will get back to you on that. Hopefully I  will have lots of pictures to share with you.

You may have noticed that there have been some changes on my blog. A newish layout, and I'm still tinkering with things so bare with. I have also added a category sidebar. So you can see all related posts together. Am still adding labels which may take a while. Also I am having my hair cut next Sunday, and am thinking of changing the colour. Will psot some ideas later this week to help me decide.

Enjoy your evenings...