Monday, 30 January 2012

..So Much More Than Chocolate...

Friday I travelled up to London-town for my friend’s birthday; bit of laser-tagging and then Chinese food. What better night out than that? Laser-tag was so much fun and truthfully I was not god awful. No minus points for me. Now, this is not the most important part of the evening, and let me tell you why. M’n’M World! What a treat and feast for your eyes. Four floors of pure merchandise, statues, rows and tubes of multi-coloured chocolates had my mouth gaping open the whole time. I am so glad I finally entered in the store after having seen it around for a while.

Apparently it is bigger than the American one, which is hard for me to believe but I’ll go along with it. I honestly did not know where to look and don’t think I truly made the most of our spontaneous visit. The most crazy part of the shop is where you get scanned at random and given the M’n’M you are most suited to. Of course this is all random and based on no science what so ever. But still it was a bit of silliness to end the evening. I found watching how the M’n’Ms were actually made more interesting. You could pick the colours you wanted and they made them there and then. Amazing!

I don’t think I will need to go in again now I’ve been, the surprise and wonderment will have past. But if you find yourself in Leicester Square and have yet to visit please do. 


Saturday, 28 January 2012

...A Cuppa for Two...

On Wednesday, the weather may have been a little grey but James and I took a trip in Arundel. Lovely place, with some pretty views. I do love wandering around little towns. Taking in the views, old buildings and finding hidden antique markets. Plus it is rare when you find an antique market where you can take pictures. I always ask when I go, as I know the owners of the shop are funny about cameras and I completely understand why. Alongside the markets, we found this amazing book store with every book imaginable housed inside; four interwoven floors, with books in every nook and cranny that it was hard to know where to start.

I managed to get hold of Slovak Zizek boon. He was one the most interesting philosophical writers I have come across. I once actually went to a lecture of his and he was so fascinating to watch and listen. James got this book about the Titanic (he is obsessed with the Titanic) and after we meandered to our favourite tea shop in Arundel for a spot of tea and cake...and to read our newly bought items. How fancy of us. Was nice taking a little trip out of town, and do something different. Plus I got to do some photography.

Simple outfit, as I was in work during the morning and couldn't be bothered to change when I got in before we headed out.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

...Tramp Vintage...

I have found it extremely difficult in narrowing down my image selection, so apologies for the overload.

Brighton is home to a multitude of different styles and attitudes. For me you can’t beat being somewhere that accepts all walks of life...and fashion. What I love about Brighton are the charity shops and mostly importantly the vintage shops. Vintage clothing has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. The history behind a certain item of clothing is fascinating, where it came from and era it was made in.

On Sunday I was fortunate enough to have been invited by Stephanie (PR) and Michelle (Owner) to one of Brighton’s best kept vintage shops. Tucked away near the main station, down a small side street stands ‘Tramp Vintage’; you could almost miss it if you weren’t paying attention. The shop itself was very unassuming, simple and intimate. It may have been small but it housed some of the most glorious and beautiful items of clothing and accessories from all decades. 

One side of the shop hung rows of glittery, silk, fur, lace, chiffon (the list could go on) items of clothing. The other was simply a mirrored wall and surface that displayed the most outrageous and ‘blingafied’ jewellery. I was like a child in a candy shop, gawping and gasping at all the wonderful delights. Photographs of Hepburn and Monroe hung from the walls – icons of the past. What I found most pleasing was the price range of their clothing. Of course there were some higher end prices but there were definitely a lot of items that I found to be pretty reasonable. Some items you may find in Topshop’s vintage section for much more. This pleased me greatly.

I was greeted by a sweet and lovely lady, who was dressed impeccably in, what I’m guessing, a 1950’s outfit.  Stunning. Of course I tried on a few pieces from their collection, picked out by Grace. She chose clothes that were so me in every way. I wanted to buy everything and wear everything. I took so many pictures that afternoon that it has been extremely difficult in narrowing my choices down. I brought my friend Demi along to assist me with taking pictures of the clothes I tried on, and plus who doesn’t want a girly day out trying on beautiful clothing. I tried on pieces mostly from the ‘80s and a sweet, ruffled vintage number. My favourite outfit I tried on was a ‘60s brown/gold tunic with the most gorgeous ‘80s jewelled heels. These items together would have cost me £65. Not bad. When payday arrives I will most definitely be finding me some bargains.

It was so lovely and kind to have been asked to do this and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If you ever find yourself in the North Laine area of Brighton, wander over to Trafalgar Street and see what beauties await for you...


All images taken by myself with the exception of Demi who took the outfit pictures and assisted in choosing the shots.

Monday, 23 January 2012

...Over The Roof Tops...

the streets i walk
the places i see
the sky above
waiting for me


Sunday, 22 January 2012

...Sunday Update #10...

Yesterday I was having a bit of moment. An existential crisis if you will. Today I am feeling much better and far more positive about things. Emma’s lovely, wise and level headed comment helped instil a calm wave of emotion in me. Things take their time and sometimes we just have to go long for the ride, hoping we get there eventually. 

Today was a great day. Positive, funny, the sun was shining and it involved vintage clothing; lots of vintage clothing that left me feeling like I had stepped back in time. I will be doing a fuller post on this topic this coming week, as I want to devote a lot of words and pictures. Stayed tuned, please.

Have been working hard lately to complete my level 3 and get my qualification. One assignment left and it seems to be taking an age to finish. This past week has not been very interesting, this coming week however, boy, what a week it will be. Two birthdays, a lunch, dinner and a trip home; can’t wait to see my friends and family. This resolution on my list is definitely being fulfilled.

Here are some pictures of what I wore today; mostly my new thrifted finds from this week. My go-to jumper and hat of the moment, paired with my trusty black loafers and button up, denim skirt. Simple and understated for a Sunday afternoon. That kind of style is my favourite – effortless I believe. I am currently watching a Columbo, attempting my assignment, editing photographs from today and putting together my outfit post for Lookbook. Yes you saw right, I have finally joined Lookbook. I have created a sidebar on the right. Check it out if you want. I love seeing what everyone else around the world is wearing...


Saturday, 21 January 2012

...Life in motion #7...

Sometimes I find myself thinking about life and whether what I’m doing really means something. For instance tonight I have this feeling that something’ feeling I don’t seem to be shaking off so easily. I am usually a positive and upbeat kind of person who looks to the future rather than mulling over the not so great present. I keep thinking maybe my life is just...boring. That I’ve got nothing going for me and I don’t see a way of changing that. 

Now don’t get me wrong this is not the kind of place I want to start feeling sorry for myself and my present situation but I have that niggling feeling in my stomach that I won’t be getting a place this year to study for a PGCE. I already heard from Brighton and was unsuccessful. I keep thinking that having been offered an interview meant they saw something but eventually there were other people more suited and experienced. Am just waiting on Chicester but I don’t think it will come to anything. So you can see that what I’ve been working towards is slowly disappearing. Of course I can reapply for next year, which I will definitely be doing. Hopefully when my course finishes I will be better equipped with knowledge and can look at other nurseries to work in. Or I can start looking at T.A positions and work up from there. This will give me more stability in terms of work and money. At the moment I am not earning enough, and like I said when I finish my NVQ Level 3 that will change.

Maybe I am feeling this way because I’m in a transient place in my life. Living in two places, where neither has all my stuff, so I’m constantly wondering, thinking and planning what I need to have at James’s then what I need at home in London. Maybe it is all getting too much; not having enough money, saving, studying, applying for second jobs, the list can go on. I keep looking at my 23 before 24 and wonder if I’ll ever achieve anything on it. I know what I want out of my life now; however, it seems to taking so long to get there and too hard. Of course it’s hard, I hear you cry. Life is meant to be hard. All I do is work towards things and never seem to get anywhere. 

I’m sure I will feel better tomorrow. Sleep always helps. It has been a long time since I last wrote a post like this. I’ve got a great boyfriend, a job I love, good friends and place to live. I haven’t got any debts, just a strained bank account. But I’ve got savings stored. So really I am good. Having one those moments we all have from time to time, when things don’t seem to go our way or in our favour and we wonder if it’s all worth it. To cheer myself up I have been watching MadMen and collecting images of Michelle Williams one of my girl/style crushes of the moment. If only I could have short hair like hers. But for now I am attempting to emulate Zooey Deschanel’s, with the colour and soon to be fringe addition.