Thursday, 12 January 2012

...All but a waiting game...

This week was the dreaded week of my PGCE interview. When the day rolled round I was excited and nervous, but ready to tackle the challenge head on. It was a tough, tiring and adreline pumped day. My head hurt when it was over. The day started at 9.30am and I finished up round 3pm. So pretty long. The interview itself consisted of an introduction to the course, a short writing test, 5 minute presentation then 20-30 minute individual interviews. There was some waiting around between the presentation and interview, obviously for lunch and to give ourselves a bit of a breather.

From the moment I stepped onto the campus and headed to reception I felt sick and anxious. Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten breakfast or it was so small it didn't count. To be honest the thought of food was only adding to my feeling sick. I texted my mum for some brief advice..."deep breaths"...and it helped so much. Still nervous but not so much that I thought I would have to throw up. I felt much better once I met everyone and knew we were all in the same position.

The lady who presented our introduction course was lovely nad really informative. She basically told us this coming year, if we get a place would be a tough, arduous and stressful year, but so much fun. I was starting to get excited and had butterflies at the possibility of doing something I'm passionate about. After her talk it was down to the test. Now with my dyslexia, I was nervous as I'm not too quick on spelling and grammar, plus my sentence structure can be iffy. If you read my blog you can tell. However, saying that I felt confident that I had done well. Then it was time to split up into small groups for our presentations. Eek!

Here was the part I was most sick to the stomach with doing. Deep breaths, slow and confident speaking was what I kept repeating over in my head. I'm going to be honest I may never be super perfect at presenting, but this I felt went better than I thought it would...confidence is key. I stuck to my points/objectives and managed to conclude in a concise manner. Hopefully the tutors saw that. Surely they must take into consideration that you will be nervous? Luckily my group, everyone seemed really nice and we all complimented each other afterwards.

By now I was tired and drained, and thankfully my interview was one of the last ones. I had time to eat, get my thoughts together and chill-out for a while. It's hard to know what they may ask you. You can prepare for the obvious ones, like 'Why a PGCE?', your experience and awareness of workload etc but you never if they will throw up some odd-balls in there to catch you off guard. I did my best to stay calm, be myself and show how excited, committed and passionate I am about teaching. That's all you can do at the end of the day I think.

So now all I have to do is wait. Wait and be patient and try not to think/worry too much. It's done now. One of the most frustrating things I found was that they never give you any kind of inclination as to how you did. Fingers crossed and if I don't get it, I know having been offered an interview is a great achievement in itself. There's always next year to apply...