Sunday, 15 January 2012

...Gin and Giggles...

Last night was so much fun. Lots of chatter, laughing and making plans for the future. Watch this space is all I can tell you, ha!

I met up with friends from my film course and we talked about everything. Had been such a long time since we were all together, October I think. Long time. I wore something simple and easy. We were just hanging at the local pub where we used to have our sessions, so nothing too fancy. The food was yummy yum, steak and ale pie, never fails.

Didn't drink loads, as I'm not in the mood right now to drink, which always helps the next morning. Nice to be able to function normally the next day. I used a new and very special edition to my bag collection last night. A proper and more in depth post on that tomorrow. I'll just say now I was vey excited and have been bursting at the seams to tell you all about it. Please tune in tomorrow to find out. Two words is all I'm giving you - Kate Benjamin.

Happy Sunday all...