Friday, 6 January 2012

...Pretty Florals...

...time for a break...

Pretty mundane post, but yesterday I took a little breather from my assignments and presentation preparations to have dinner with James. We went and had a roast. Mmm yummy. A hearty meal is always needed on the colder days when all you want is comfort. I wore a pretty floral dress that I picked up in a local charity shop. Simple and girly. There was no particular need to wear a dress when popping out for a bog standard meal but sometimes you just feel like making an effort.

I am super busy at the moment with preparations for my PGCE interview next week and trying to complete my NVQ. So blogging is taking a bit of a back seat. Have no fear as I have a special post lined up for the coming weeks, so hold on to your helmets. Gonna be a cracker. Ha!