Monday, 30 January 2012

..So Much More Than Chocolate...

Friday I travelled up to London-town for my friend’s birthday; bit of laser-tagging and then Chinese food. What better night out than that? Laser-tag was so much fun and truthfully I was not god awful. No minus points for me. Now, this is not the most important part of the evening, and let me tell you why. M’n’M World! What a treat and feast for your eyes. Four floors of pure merchandise, statues, rows and tubes of multi-coloured chocolates had my mouth gaping open the whole time. I am so glad I finally entered in the store after having seen it around for a while.

Apparently it is bigger than the American one, which is hard for me to believe but I’ll go along with it. I honestly did not know where to look and don’t think I truly made the most of our spontaneous visit. The most crazy part of the shop is where you get scanned at random and given the M’n’M you are most suited to. Of course this is all random and based on no science what so ever. But still it was a bit of silliness to end the evening. I found watching how the M’n’Ms were actually made more interesting. You could pick the colours you wanted and they made them there and then. Amazing!

I don’t think I will need to go in again now I’ve been, the surprise and wonderment will have past. But if you find yourself in Leicester Square and have yet to visit please do.