Sunday, 26 February 2012

...Flowers and Curls...

This week was my brother's 21st birthday and I can't believe how grown up he is now. Where has time gone? Today we had a family lunch to celebrate the occassion. A delicious chicken and gammon roast. So yummy and I was satisfyingly stuffed afterwards. Again a lovely way to spend a Sunday a afternoon with family. Laughing and catching up. More pictures to come later this week. I merely wanted to show you what I wore and how I styled my hair. I was very flattered when my cousin described my hair as Zooey Deschanel-esque. Made my day, ha!

I wore a very simple outfit. Brown woollen tights, with a very summery/floral dress to fit with the glorious sunny weather. I am so happy that I had most of the length of my hair cut off. Feels so much healthier and is much easier to look after now. Love it. Regarding my nails I tried out these transfers my friend got me for Christmas and they are amazing. Easy to apply and it looks like I have Minnie Mouse nails.

To confirm, I mentioned in my last Sunday post that me and James had found a place to rent and it is now final. We have paid our deposit and move in March just in time for Spring. Cannot wait.

I hope you all have a had a wonderful Sunday and hope the week follows suit...


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

...The Callback...

....a short film...

A while back I told you I was attending a short film school class to help improve my skills in shooting and editing. Here is what I had been working hard to create. Alingside some incredibly talented people, we came up with this.

We all shot and used the same footage in our films, however it was entirely up us as individuals in how we wanted to edit it, what music to use and ultimately what pieces of footage we wanted. Everyone came up with different ideas and it was great to see what everyone created.

For some reason and I am not sure why the sounds is very quiet. Now this is not hte case with the orginal file on my desktop, but that same thing has happened on Youtube. So apologies if you have trouble hearing the background music. Hopefully you will have some good speakers to help you out.

I hope you like it. You can find it on youtube - here is the link.



Monday, 20 February 2012

...Funny Peculiar...

...a theatre review...

There is something special about going to the theatre, the anticipation and excitement of seeing a live performance. For me it is very different than going to a concert. There is a level of calm, peacefulness and ease about seeing a play. Of course it depends on what you are going to see, becoming lost in the characters, the set design and ultimately the story being told. Matinees are particularly enjoyable, especially during the weekend. Taking the afternoon to escape in a dark auditorium, listening and seeing another world unfold. 

On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of going to the theatre with my mum to see the matinee performance of Funny Peculiar. I had heard next to nothing about this play, only from what my mum had told me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. Smart, brilliant and delightfully rude, Funny Peculiar (written by Mike Stott in the early ‘70s) is a play about repression and ‘free’ love; the sexual revolution. It is a comic tale of an ordinary Grocer who has some unconventional ideas on love, and the hilarious, slap-stick events that unfold around him. The actors were marvellous, especially Craig Gazey, who played Trevor (the main protagonist). They were fast, sharp and their comic timings were smashing. Funny Peculiar is one of the wittiest plays I have seen in a long time. Suzanne Shaw (Irene) was utterly delightful and at times surprisingly powerful in her acting. 

The use of space and the concept of the set design were very clever. Different levels and lighting were used to highlight the different areas or ‘rooms’ of each scene and my focused moved effortless around the stage. I liked the use of character acting and how the cast drew you into the world of the ‘60s and life during that period. The small cast gave an intimate feel to the production and they worked extremely well as an ensemble, which is something I really value in theatre. The play was roughly two hours long with a 15 minute interval. However, time flew by as I was laughing and completely engaged in the story. 

I urge anyone, if they get the chance, to go and see Funny Peculiar. You won’t be disappointed.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

...A Little Dusting...

...sunday update #13...

Here are my photographs from my day spent walking round the Walthamstow marshes. I hope you like them. 

Another pretty average week for me. Got my new contract at work, had an interview (fingers crossed) and a flat viewing. On an exciting note James and I have found somewhere and have put a deposit down on a place. Still early stages but we will be moving much sooner than we thought and I cannot wait. That's all for now. Until things have been confirmed officially I am saying no more.

My certificate came through for my course, which means it is official and I can now feel more comfortable and relaxed in my job, having comfort in the thought that I do know what I am talking about and can contribute to the nursery. It is a nice feeling.

Have some posts lined up for mext week. A video post, some illustrations, a review and general musings. Feel my blogging has been a bit stale lately and want to breathe some new life into it. I don't blog a lot as it is. I really only blog when I feel I have something important to show you or tell. I want this to be a space of creativity and inspiration, not just churning out posts. Enough of my babble. 

Enjoy your Sunday and hope your week goes off with a good start...


Saturday, 18 February 2012

...Things to wear...

Here are just a few snaps of what I have been wearing lately. Only instagrams but you get the gist. I have mostly been wearing layers and warm jumpers. Comfort has taken precedent in my styling at the moment.

Also few snippets of life thus far. Mostly food.

How do you work and around layers?


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

...Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow... hair...

I took the plunge on Monday and cut my hair. It was getting to the stage where it was just too long, boring and ‘nothing’. I get my hair cut by the same woman every time. She has been cutting my hair since I was very little, so she knows how the parting falls, what cut would suit the shape of my face and what kind of colour is best. The best part about the whole experience is that she comes to our house; it's more relaxed and chilled.

I had a lot of length chopped off and it feels so much healthier and lighter. I didn’t change my colour as it has stayed on pretty well since December. I am so pleased with it. I love the fringe. Kind of messy and easy to style.

Apart from this major change I haven't been up to much. Just working and flat hunting. More on that soon. Discoverd this lovely little cafe up the road from my house in London. Never been there before but had always seen it. The food was yum and the interior layout was so sute, with organic food prodcucts and kitsh style furniture. Loved it.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

...Sunday update #12...

...back on my feet...

As you have read from my previous posts, my PGCE applications were unsuccessful, so I am now worknig out exactly where I want to be in the education system. I have been looking at the EYPS programme for professionals in Early Years, which will help further my position and career within the Earlys Years sector.

Recently I have been sketching more and am currently working on one; of course I will show you when finished. Alongside this I have been trying to work out what to do with my hair. The colour I am happy about but the length and style is just blah and boring. It needs shaking up. So as of tomorrow a major change will be happening. 

James has a gig coming up, in London this time supporting two major bands in their genre of music. Very excited and nervous for him. And very proud. We have both thrown ourselves into flat hunting. It is fun but also very slow. We have a viewing on Tuesday, which I'm hoping is the one. Looks nice from the pictures so fingers crossed.

In other news I pasted my level 3 in Early Years Childcare, yay!!!! So happy that I have a proper qualification behind me now. 

So this has been a positive week for me. I caught with friends and had a really long chat with my dear friend Tom, about everything. Was really good to get everything out. Had been too long since we last saw each other.

Happy Sunday and I'm off now to get ready for the BAFTAS.


...On The Marshes...

...blended with cashmere...

I have been a very bad blogger this past week, but I have been super busy with work, and have come home too tired to blog. My outfits have been boring and until yesterday I hadn’t been up to much that warranted me to write blog posts.

Yesterday, I had a lovely day exploring the Walthamstow marshes with my dear friend. Was so beautiful and the snow, which I had yet to witness, was crisp and white. I love the crunchy sound when you walk over untouched snow. My friend said the marshes would be the perfect place to take some pictures, and it definitely was. Also a perfect place to take some outfit pictures. We had so much fun messing about, and of course we took obligatory snow in the air shots. 

I will post the photographs I took this coming week. They need some slight editing, as the whiteness of the snow has left a washed out finish. I want to put some blue back in. So for now here is what I wore to keep me toasty and warm, my lovely cashmere blended long coat, with detachable fur collar. This is a wonderful winter coat as it covers me right down to my knees. Hate having a cold bottom half. 

After our long walk and we finished up having a late lunch in a local pub. Mmm yummy. Walthamstow village is the posh end and it is all very quaint and picturesque. The local Spar is just...well it is the most up-market Spar I have ever come across. It was so different and unique with a fresh cake and bakery area, with a pizzeria at the back, which is attached to the restaurant next door. I love being introduced to new things.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

..Sunday Update #11...

My, my, what a week. Ill again and feeling much better now, thankfully. Back to work tomorrow, and cannot wait. 

Unfortunately I did not get a place at Chichester to study a PGCE. So this means I will be applying next year and hopefully have more experience. On a positive note, James and I have started to view possible flats. The first one was alright if a bit small, but at least we have started the process. Was rather exciting and am really looking forward to finally making the move. We have another one booked this week, eek!

Have started sketching again this evening and feels really good; very relaxing. Putting an old film and just letting my mind wonder. Let’s see if I can keep it going. 

One more thing and this is a big deal for me, not that I have a problem but I have put myself on a spending ban this month and hopefully for the months to come. Only the essentials like food, my car and toiletries. Feels good so far.

Hope your start to week begins on a good footing...


Thursday, 2 February 2012

...The Hills Are Alive...

This is a bit of a nothing post today. So apologies but I am again, and as it always seems these days, under the weather. James is looking after me perfectly and I am gutted to have to take a day off work. I am already bored all lying in bed. Doctors orders though.

Anyway here a few little snaps of the Sussex Downs and what I wore recently. To set the record straight, James hates having to take pictures for my blog, and winces everytime I stop to take pictures. Bless him though he still does it. Ahh the joys of a bloggers boyfriend.

I used my new panoramic camera and have yet to get the film developed so will show those images later with some others. I wore a very snug and warm outfit as the weather was beginning to turn and is now officially freezing. Brrrrrrr. It was lovely going on a long walk up into hills. The views were stunning, especially as the sun was beginning to set. More trips up there when Spring and Summer return.