Wednesday, 22 February 2012

...The Callback...

....a short film...

A while back I told you I was attending a short film school class to help improve my skills in shooting and editing. Here is what I had been working hard to create. Alingside some incredibly talented people, we came up with this.

We all shot and used the same footage in our films, however it was entirely up us as individuals in how we wanted to edit it, what music to use and ultimately what pieces of footage we wanted. Everyone came up with different ideas and it was great to see what everyone created.

For some reason and I am not sure why the sounds is very quiet. Now this is not hte case with the orginal file on my desktop, but that same thing has happened on Youtube. So apologies if you have trouble hearing the background music. Hopefully you will have some good speakers to help you out.

I hope you like it. You can find it on youtube - here is the link.