Monday, 20 February 2012

...Funny Peculiar...

...a theatre review...

There is something special about going to the theatre, the anticipation and excitement of seeing a live performance. For me it is very different than going to a concert. There is a level of calm, peacefulness and ease about seeing a play. Of course it depends on what you are going to see, becoming lost in the characters, the set design and ultimately the story being told. Matinees are particularly enjoyable, especially during the weekend. Taking the afternoon to escape in a dark auditorium, listening and seeing another world unfold. 

On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of going to the theatre with my mum to see the matinee performance of Funny Peculiar. I had heard next to nothing about this play, only from what my mum had told me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. Smart, brilliant and delightfully rude, Funny Peculiar (written by Mike Stott in the early ‘70s) is a play about repression and ‘free’ love; the sexual revolution. It is a comic tale of an ordinary Grocer who has some unconventional ideas on love, and the hilarious, slap-stick events that unfold around him. The actors were marvellous, especially Craig Gazey, who played Trevor (the main protagonist). They were fast, sharp and their comic timings were smashing. Funny Peculiar is one of the wittiest plays I have seen in a long time. Suzanne Shaw (Irene) was utterly delightful and at times surprisingly powerful in her acting. 

The use of space and the concept of the set design were very clever. Different levels and lighting were used to highlight the different areas or ‘rooms’ of each scene and my focused moved effortless around the stage. I liked the use of character acting and how the cast drew you into the world of the ‘60s and life during that period. The small cast gave an intimate feel to the production and they worked extremely well as an ensemble, which is something I really value in theatre. The play was roughly two hours long with a 15 minute interval. However, time flew by as I was laughing and completely engaged in the story. 

I urge anyone, if they get the chance, to go and see Funny Peculiar. You won’t be disappointed.