Thursday, 2 February 2012

...The Hills Are Alive...

This is a bit of a nothing post today. So apologies but I am again, and as it always seems these days, under the weather. James is looking after me perfectly and I am gutted to have to take a day off work. I am already bored all lying in bed. Doctors orders though.

Anyway here a few little snaps of the Sussex Downs and what I wore recently. To set the record straight, James hates having to take pictures for my blog, and winces everytime I stop to take pictures. Bless him though he still does it. Ahh the joys of a bloggers boyfriend.

I used my new panoramic camera and have yet to get the film developed so will show those images later with some others. I wore a very snug and warm outfit as the weather was beginning to turn and is now officially freezing. Brrrrrrr. It was lovely going on a long walk up into hills. The views were stunning, especially as the sun was beginning to set. More trips up there when Spring and Summer return.