Sunday, 12 February 2012

...On The Marshes...

...blended with cashmere...

I have been a very bad blogger this past week, but I have been super busy with work, and have come home too tired to blog. My outfits have been boring and until yesterday I hadn’t been up to much that warranted me to write blog posts.

Yesterday, I had a lovely day exploring the Walthamstow marshes with my dear friend. Was so beautiful and the snow, which I had yet to witness, was crisp and white. I love the crunchy sound when you walk over untouched snow. My friend said the marshes would be the perfect place to take some pictures, and it definitely was. Also a perfect place to take some outfit pictures. We had so much fun messing about, and of course we took obligatory snow in the air shots. 

I will post the photographs I took this coming week. They need some slight editing, as the whiteness of the snow has left a washed out finish. I want to put some blue back in. So for now here is what I wore to keep me toasty and warm, my lovely cashmere blended long coat, with detachable fur collar. This is a wonderful winter coat as it covers me right down to my knees. Hate having a cold bottom half. 

After our long walk and we finished up having a late lunch in a local pub. Mmm yummy. Walthamstow village is the posh end and it is all very quaint and picturesque. The local Spar is just...well it is the most up-market Spar I have ever come across. It was so different and unique with a fresh cake and bakery area, with a pizzeria at the back, which is attached to the restaurant next door. I love being introduced to new things.