Sunday, 5 February 2012

..Sunday Update #11...

My, my, what a week. Ill again and feeling much better now, thankfully. Back to work tomorrow, and cannot wait. 

Unfortunately I did not get a place at Chichester to study a PGCE. So this means I will be applying next year and hopefully have more experience. On a positive note, James and I have started to view possible flats. The first one was alright if a bit small, but at least we have started the process. Was rather exciting and am really looking forward to finally making the move. We have another one booked this week, eek!

Have started sketching again this evening and feels really good; very relaxing. Putting an old film and just letting my mind wonder. Let’s see if I can keep it going. 

One more thing and this is a big deal for me, not that I have a problem but I have put myself on a spending ban this month and hopefully for the months to come. Only the essentials like food, my car and toiletries. Feels good so far.

Hope your start to week begins on a good footing...