Tuesday, 3 April 2012

...Tummy Pains...

Been under the weather again. Only a 24 hr thing, but still not pleasant. Back to work today. Yay! Hate missing work. Here are a few snaps of Friday's outfit, my sick day and today's outfit. Been having lots of homemade mint tea. Mmm yummy. I mostly lost my appetite over the weekend due to having an upset tummy, and I know mint tea is good for your digestion. Wearing more florals has helped me feel better.

Being in our flat after the second week is going really well. Love it so much and it is so much easier going out knowing I don't have far to get home. It means I have to plan to see my London friends on specific rather than just being able to ring them up and see if they fancy hanging out. 

The weather is still glorious down by the coast if a little but chiller. More Spring like now than the Summer temps we have been having, and I think I can live with that.