Monday, 28 May 2012

...Enjoying the Sun...

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

...Blooming Marvellous...

Some of my photography...


Saturday, 26 May 2012

...Farm Mews...

The Brighton Festival is always one of excellence, interest and variety. The Open House galleris that display local artists are something I venture to go and visit but somehow end up failing. This year was different. One of my work colleagues, leading up to opening weekend of the festival had, was working on an exhibition piece to showcase.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the private viewing, but was invited to come and visit this past Sunday and write a piece for DayDreamBeliever. I jumped at the chance, especially when representing independent and very talented artists. Sylvaine Frouin (jewellery designer) and Andrew Hormeyr (painter/illustrator) were very welcoming and it was a very relaxed morning. After taking a gazillion pictures, I sat down with the talented duo to talk about their thoughts, views and why art is so important to them.

Situated in a tiny little studio area called Farm Mews on the Brunswick trail of the festival, you will find rough wood and cute little spaces that house some very talented people. During the interview, with the sun breaking through, people would stop and chat, come and go. There was a chilled, bohemian atmosphere to the whole process. Very natural. Both Andrew and Sylvaine explained their exhibition has a personal quality to it. Being a small space, where you can actually see the working studio at the back, gives the exhibition an intimate vibe. It felt cosy, welcoming and the complete opposite to going to a gallery. I liked feeling at home during my visit. 

Sylvaine, a French jewellery designer, had originally begun her career in graphic design but felt there was a lack or distance from the work she was creating. Having a hands on approach to crafting and working with metals, gave immediacy to her creativity.  Having lived in Brighton for the past 3 years, she has built up a truly marvellous collection and, now a full time jewellery designer, is continually designing for shows and creating pieces for clients. Her collection is made up of beautiful, delicate earrings, quirky necklaces and cute little illustrations. There was one particular ring that I took a liking too; a small, silver train that wrapped around your finger. It was unique, interesting and one of a kind. Throughout the year she collaborates for the Sussex Guild and will be showcasing at Brighton Fashion Week in two weeks time at the Corn Exchange. That will be an event not to be missed. 

Andrew, a South African illustrator and painter, does not refuse but steers clear of the label ‘artist’ and has been drawing his whole life; in his words he cannot not draw. From his pieces you can see why, as he has true gift for art. His masterpiece, a series of individual blocks of painted wood, that when pieced together creat this amazing and intricate vision of Brighton. You eyes are taken on journey through the intertwining streets that make Brighton truly magical. Cheeky looking animals peering out from behind the classic white houses, with the rolling waves down at the front, I could not keep myself from gawping at it. The child-like qualities of his collection make you feel happy and smiley. You find yourself pointing and getting up close to see every little detail not wanting to miss anything.

Listening to him and Sylvaine talk, it is hard not to appreciate their commitment and love for being creative and actually pursuing a career in the ‘art’ world. Their motivation in being part of the festival came from Sylvaine, who had taken part last year independently from the festival. Being a supporter of Andrew’s work and vice versa, they decided to team up and submit their collections. I couldn’t help but notice that their pieces complemented each other and their styles intertwined nicely.

Both have had, and still are having a successful festival this year, with an estimated total of viewers round the 200 mark. They feel satisfied and truly grateful for the positive responses they have had from visitors. Andrew commented saying that it is nice to find homes for his paintings. He has found that people will pay what they want for a piece of art because they have a certain connection to that piece. Sylvaine has the same view saying how nice it is to create things for other people to appreciate.

As the interview came to a close, the sun had finally appeared and I decided to take one last picture of the proud artists outside the studio. Unfortunately as this post ‘goes to press’ it is the last weekend of the Brighton Festival, so if you read this in time and have the chance, please go and visit the exhibition. You will not be disappointed. 

All details can be found here at these links. Please take a look as these two people are very talented:


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

...Lazy Saturday...

Saturday was a lazy day. Lie in, walk into town and a stroll along the seafront, stopping off to play in the Worthing Lido arcade. Bit of crazy golf round some beautiful gardens. Lots of photography, topping it off with a Saturday roast with triffle for afters. A perfect way to unwind and relax from a pretty busy week. Sunday was even better. Pretty much didn't leave the flat apart from visiting my friends exhibition as part of the Brighton Festival. A post on that to come soon is being written and edited at this very moment. I want it to be a special post, so bare with me.

Much love and if you're having good weather, enjoy...


Monday, 21 May 2012

...Outfits thus far...

Some of my current outfit illustrations. I think I am slowly getting into a flow of sketching and painting again. Find it very relaxing.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

...English Summer Rain...

Small post on what I wore yesterday. More pictures to come of the day. Was a great, chilled out day, full of laughs, food and general tom foolery. I love the pajama feel of these trousers. Extremely comfortable and easy to pair with anything, to dress them up or down. Have lots to blog about this coming week after my sudden hiatus from posting. I do feel though that taking time out from constant posting is good for one's creativity. Ha...


Saturday, 19 May 2012

...Damien Hirst...

I have been meaning to post this review for some time now and have found myself putting it off and struggling to find the right words to express my thoughts. Unfortunately there are no photographs to accompany this post. Cameras were not allowed during the exhibition. Shame as there were some truly beautiful pieces. For example the butterfly pictures, that had a very strong resemblance to stained glassed.

Experiencing ‘art’ and the various forms it can be presented in, is something that I find very exciting. I enjoy all that art has to offer and am always open to experiencing interesting and controversial exhibitions. In April (this shows you how long I have writing thing post) I found myself at the Tate Modern walking around the rooms that held the ever controversial artist, Damien Hirst’s collection. I have always been slightly indifferent to his work and have never really had an opinion on his artistic merit. However, I was intrigued to see whether experiencing his work as a whole and in one exhibition may change those views.

The exhibition has been in the making for at least two years and it is clear to see why. Many of the works will have had to have been re-worked and collected together from various places. Prior to visiting the gallery I watched a few programmes being shown a week before the opening, which helped me greatly in understanding the reasons behind many of his pieces and what may have influenced his style.

I was extremely excited about experiencing the butterfly room and the 50 million pound diamond skull. Both pieces were worth the wait. A room filled with live butterflies intrigued me as they in themselves are beautiful wonders of nature...and then the skull, well it was mesmerising. The fact that he had the money to do it astounds me. Is it art, good craftsmanship or plain ego-boosting? Who knows? In all honestly I wasn’t that bothered. If I had that money then maybe I’d do the same. He did it first, which maybe is why it so important.

His exhibition was engaging, and you could move freely around without feeling like you had to view each piece in a particular order. I like being able to navigate my own path; discovering things myself. That’s what draws me to museums and galleries. I do not think I would have paid as much for the tickets (£14), as I found a lot of the exhibition fairly repetivtive. The spot paintings became too much after the first five and they began to wear thin. Is that too harsh?

However, if you do get the chance to visit please do (it is running through to September). I’m glad I did as I do not think I would have get another chance to view some of his pieces. I think his pieces work well as a collective rather than as individual pieces. Maybe it's my age and that I was too young to have experienced the impact he had on a specific generation of art. 


Thursday, 10 May 2012

...Force Crag...

Photos from the Lakedistrict...

The Lakedistrict is one of my favourite places to visit and so it is perfect that my dad now lives up there. The weather was hit and miss, but I had wonderful time. Perfect bank holiday. Lying in, eating loads, shopping and going out into the wild.

Went out for a walk into the mines and got some lovely pictures. Flowers, the enclosing mountains and the little lambs that run away. When the weather is alright, the mountains look stunning and powerful. This particualr mine was the last working mines in Lakes and has now been preserved by the National Trust. They do special tours where you can travel down into the belly of the mine and see how it all worked. I rather enjoyed exploring the outer space. The different textures against the changing weather conditions were really interesting. It is not a particularly strenuous walk and takes about 2 - 2 and a half hours in total.

When you've finished you can meander around the little villiage of Braithwaite. Here you can find locally made jams for sale, a cute little pub and local villiage shop. It was so pretty and quaint.


P.S Apologies for the lack of posting, I just wanted this long weekend away to be relaxing and not having to blog was a welcome change. I have missed it though but am glad that I have things to post about. I want to be able to post about things that matter to me and that I find interesting, which I hope you do too....Thanks to all those who do read my blog and stick with me...