Friday, 8 June 2012

...Spontaneous travels...

On Tuesday we decided to take a random train journey somewhere, and for some reason I choose Bognor Regis. Tuesday just so happened to be a very wet and dreary day. Basically it was a wasted journey. I did however get some nice snaps. Interesting buildings, some pretty flowers and more bunting. Cannot get enough of this stuff. Really think it makes any street look wonderful. Just my opinion. So here they are. When the weather picks up again, I think I would like to go back to Bognor as it did look nice and I'm sure there are some nice walks to go on. Shame we wasted the morning.

Wore a very simple and comfortable outfit. Nice and snug. After our tragic morning escapade, we headed back to Worthing for lunch and an afternoon of film watching. Kind of a perfect way to end the bank holiday weekend. We saw Prometheus, finally watched Drive (amazing film), A Perfect World and to finish it off, Black Swan. My, my that film as a trip. Brilliant but freaky.