Tuesday, 31 July 2012

...Out on the Allotment...

What does one do when the sun is shining? Head out and up into the allotments of Brighton. At least that is what James and I did yesterday afternoon. We headed over to his grandparents for lunch then had a mooch up into their allotment to enjoy some of the good weather that is gracing the South coast. Please excuse the windy swept look on my face in the second picture, ha!

It is so lovely up there. Quiet, peaceful and full of gorgeous flowers, not forgetting the yummy, fresh fruit and veg. The views are also amazing. You can see right across Brighton from the pier to the marina. Stunning, especially on a good clear day like yesterday.

Later we came home to enjoy the highlights of the Olympics. I am really enjoying it this year. Especially the gymnastics. Always love the gymnastics. What are your favourite events to watch?