Wednesday, 18 July 2012

...Sea Breeze...

Trousers - H&M, Top - Charity Shop, Loafer brogues - TK Maxx, Bag - Accessories

Well hello tummy. I never usually show my tummy but the weather is so muggy and humid that deciding what to wear is becoming an 'mission impossible'. I love these trousers and shoes. With the simple black top, I feel it is very '50s inspired. Maybe, maybe not? 

Living by the sea is truly wonderful. Yesterday, getting up and going for a run along the beach front...bliss. I can totally zone out and loose myself. Breathing in the salt filled air, refreshing my lungs, whilst cleaning out my mind. Cannot get enough of the sea breeze. 

James and I hit the arcade again on the Pier, and 'Time Crisis' is fast becoming one of my favourite games to play. Who knew violent shooter games was my thing. Love it. Very empowering, ha!