Thursday, 29 November 2012

...Lets Fly a Kite...

Ooo, how chilly is it getting round here? Freezing at the moment. No more so than this weekend, when I took a trip up to Devil's Dyke and had my ears, wait, my whole body blasted by the wind. My, my it was horrendously cold. Luckily the intention of the trip up there was to have Sunday lunch with work and the families who left over the Summer to go to school. A catch up afternoon and it was lovely. Yum food.

Myself and my colleague attempted to fly a mini kite, which ultimately failed. It seemed to take on a life of its own when it connected with the wind. It zoomed all over the shop like a ferocious animal. Hilarious really. We both said that a plastic bag tied to string would have been better, ha!

It was the first time I had been up to Devil's Dyke and it was wonderful. The views of the Sussex countryside are amazing and you could walk for miles, arriving at different, unique places. When the weather warms up next year, am definitely taking another trip up there to get my 'walk' on. 

The pub itself is very warm and inviting. The perfect place to relax after a strenuous walk in the hills. Warm yourselves up next to the fire and fill your tummys up on pork belly roast. Mmmmm, am salivating at the thought of this. If you go for pudding, have the toffee sticky with ginger pudding. Delicious. Light and fluffy not sticky and sickly at all.

All in all a pretty good weekend was had. This weekend should be a cracker as well. Lots of things in pipe line and am very excited about it all...


Saturday, 24 November 2012

...It's Nearly That Time...

...Christmas Wishlist #1...

One week left until I can start celebrating Christmas. I cannot wait. Christmas and the whole atmosphere leading up to the 25th, is my favourite time of the year. Mulled drinks, warm layers, Christmas markets and nights in with a good film and a cup of Chai.

So, I compiled a Christmas Wishlist, which I will be adding to. I wanted to give you an idea of what's been taking my fancy this year and the little treats I would like to treat myself to.

I have read some great things about this Nate Berkus book, 'Things That Matter', from Vickyi's blog and quickly added it to my Amazon wishlist. It sounds amazing.

Whilst scouring Ebay and looking for little trinkets, I stumbled upon this cute link bracelet which I think is a perfect accessory for any occasion. Alongside this I am desperate to get my hands on a letter E mug. I love alphabet objects, such as the classic tote bags I see knocking about in the blogging world. Love them.

Another item that has been saved in my Ebay watch list for some time now is this gorgeous green bag, which I came across when reading Victoria's 'Wishlist...Ebay basket' posts. She has some great pieces in those posts and I just love flicking through them to see what catches my eye.

And finally, what would a wishlist be if it didn't contain the new 2013 Frankie Daily Journal. I have missed out year after year on getting this journal and am so hoping that this is the year it happens.

There you have it. My first little wishlist. Hopefully more things to come...


Friday, 23 November 2012

...The Milkyway...

...and I'm not talking about the chocolate bar, although they are rather yummy. No I am talking about a cute, kitsch cafe in the heart of Angel called Issy's Milky Way.

On one of my trips to London to have a good old catch up with my good friend, we stumbled upon this wonderful delight by chance after we saw The Breakfast Club heaving with people in and outside. Issy's Milky Way is a throwback to the classic 1950's. Very small, intimate and full of delicious delights. We plonked ourselves down and scoured the menu, which was mostly made up of milkshakes and desserts. Not bad a thing in my books.

Both of us decided upon the simple ham and cheese toastie and a cup of tea. Mine was accompanied by an added strawberry milkshake. Had to really; they looked too scrummy not to. We stayed there for pretty much most of the afternoon chatting and snapping away on our instagram, only to find out later that you cannot actually take pictures. I found this particularly odd, seeing as the d├ęcor was too great not capture and show to others. To be fair I don't think they minded really. '50s tunes were playing and adding to the atmosphere. 

Issy's Milky Way housed some yummy treats, such as the classic key lime pie, old school sweets and some amazing Christmas cupcakes. This place is well worth the trip into town and not very hard to find. Head to The Breakfast Club and there you will find her further along the street. I do love Angel purely for this reason; never knowing what you may find...


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

...Food: My Fave Haunt...

If you have read past posts, then you will be no strangers to my love of Pompoko. A pan-Asian, Japanese restaurant. It's a place I liken to a fast food joint, where the food is quick, yummy and definitely filling. But not in the greasy, in/out, no time to chat and enjoy your food kind of fast-food joint.

I love this place so much, that I have decided to dedicate a post entirely to it. So, Pompoko, tucked away, neatly opposite the Brighton Dome, is place of comfort and warmth. I discovered this place three years ago and have never looked back. It's simple food that hits the spot, and whenever I'm stuck on somewhere to eat or want somewhere to chill and chat with my friends, then this is where I come. The place is never empty, full of people, intimately chatting away, whilst attempting the challenge of chop-sticks. There is a constant buzz in the air.

The price of this place adds to it's charm. Nothing over a fiver and you can bring your own drinks. If you want to use a cup all you have to pay is a quid. Simple really. Always warm and inviting, the staff are friendly and helpful. The food is simply amazing. I'm a firm favourite of the 'Ebi Chilli Don' (Spicy Prawn); so good. Everything is pretty delicious on the menu and you are certainly spoilt for choice. 

My advice to you, if you ever find yourself visiting Brighton, is to pop in and indulge.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

...Friends Are Stars, and Stars Shine Forever...

It has taken a long time deciding what images I wanted to display here on my blog. I wanted to show you a complete overview of the day and how much fun was had. As a result I have split my next two posts in half. This post will a summary of the day and what I wore. My next post will be on 'getting ready'. Hopefully this means I will not have to scrimp on the images.

I've gushed enough already about my Dad's wedding down to the food, the people, the speeches, the music and dancing. Everything was considered and nothing left out from the fireworks to a massive hog roast. One word - yum!

I was on a serious come down travelling back home on the Monday. Was a perfect weekend...


Sunday, 11 November 2012

...Simple Cooking...

Well, here is my second attempt (first was pie) into the world of cooking. I like cooking but can find it very stressful. I am not the most gifted of people when it comes to using my motor skills and generally drop things, making a lot of mess. But that dos not deter me from giving it a go.

This time I made something very simple and yet very yummy. My mum makes this all the time when we're not sure what to have or don't really want a heavy dinner: Prawn Stir-fry.

After reading Maria's post - here - about prawn noodle soup, I was inspired to make something just as delicious and just as easy.


Prawns (preferably king - much bigger)
Baby corn (chopped)
Sugar snaps (chopped in half)
Spring onions (chopped)
Cashew nuts
Chilli and garlic (it is up to you how much you use of these two as it depends entirely on how strong you want them to be
Noodles (fresh or dried)
Soya Sauce

I put some oil in the frying pan and added my crushed garlic and chilli. The smell is amazing. Then I added my spring onions, baby corn, sugar snaps and cashew nuts. Whilst I am letting that cook on a relatively low heat (don't want it to burn), I placed my dried noodles in a pan of boiling water and cooked for 4 minutes. In this time I then added my prawns and drizzled some soya sauce over the top.

N.B You can use fresh noodles; however, they need to be the last thing you add into your frying pan, after the prawns. As they take no time at all to cook. I used dried which need boiling first then you add them to your mixture in the frying pan.

So once my noodles were ready, I strained them off and added them to my frying pan, mixing the whole thing together. I added a bit more of the soya sauce and then plated it up. 

Easy as that. Give it a go, and you won't be disappointed. Have with a glass of red wine or chilled white and you've got yourself a great Saturday night in with bowl of great food.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

...A 4-Star Dinner...

Dress - Peacocks, Shoes - Diechmanns

If you ever find yourself in the Lake District, you need to head over to Armathwaite Hall. One of the most stunning buildings I have ever come across. The night before my Dad's wedding, myself, Pam, Jess (her daughter) and Pam's mum, were treated to a three course dinner at the Hall's 4-star restaurant, curtsey of my Dad. 

We were some very lucky ladies. The food was delicious. I wanted to be adventurous and try things I normally wouldn't have. For starters I had a Pumpkin Cannelloni (yum), Venison for main. I found this meat very rich and gamey. Delicious but almost to meaty for me. I would recommend you try if you haven't yet. Finally (the most important part of the course) for dessert I opted for the Ginger and White chocolate cheesecake. OMG! It was divine. Jess choose the chocolate mouse. Again very rich and sweet but so exquisite. Afterwards we mooched on into the lounge room for some coffee and 'after-dinner-chocolates' in front of the fire. Simply a great way to begin an even better weekend. 

I felt very grown up and sophisticated being treated to night like that. The staff at Armathwaite are the nicest, most welcoming people ever. They meet your every need, answer all your questions and provide a wonderful service. After the weekend I wasn't sure how I was going to get by not being Lady or Madam any more  Ha!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

...Armathwaite Hall...

I have many posts to put up regarding my time in the Lake District. If you do not follow over on instagram, then you will not have witnessed my snaps of my Dad's wedding. It was beautiful and wonderful. Many a joyous tear was shed during that day and I am so proud that my Dad has found someone to spend the rest of his life with.

So enough of the soppy stuff and onto the details. Here are a few tasters for you until I work exactly what images I want to put up here. Now I have 225 images to choose from; it may take a while, ha! These images are taken from my phone. Tit bits of my time up North...