Wednesday, 12 December 2012

...I've been an Awful Good Girl...

Another little list I've been putting together. I find it very helpful to keep track of the things I've been coveting. I always forget otherwise and end up missing out on them. But then maybe they were never that special to begin with, and to be fair, the limited space we have in our flat needs to left alone.

Anyway, whilst reading some of my fave blogs, I came across this book, 'Blog Inc' and it looks amazing. So insightful and helpful. Also, it may seem silly but I really want to read 'Cheryl'. After watching her programme a few weeks ago, I was suddenly interested in learning more about her. Plus autobiographies are always fun to read. Again I have featured some fashion items. These studded loafers and knee high black boots. These two items have been lusted over for months now. Am hoping to find some good deals in the sales over new years. Finally, I love photographs and when reading reviews on this book, the images are stunning. Such an icon and wonderfully talented, 'Audrey' will be greatly cherished and loved.