Thursday, 20 December 2012

...Twinkle Twinkle...

I may be going overboard here with the Christmas themed posts but I took so many photos over the past two weeks that I just want to get them up here. Show you all the wonderful delights London's hidden streets have to offer before the world decidedly ends tomorrow. 

Instead of heading down Oxford street and dealing with the hoards of people, my mum and I decided to follow the back streets and what a delight we stumbled upon. Walking past the hidden Gentleman's clubs, little boutiques and the wonderful Christian Louboutin was amazing. The Christmas decorations were very simple and delicate and just wonderful to look at. The most thrilling for me was the famous red sole Christmas tree and the ginger bread house. Original and unassuming and different. What's more you could take the time to admire the shop windows without being jostled around by passers by.

Perfect way to end an evening, aimlessly strolling along and enjoying what your city has too offer.