Thursday, 10 January 2013

...My Cravings...

I love putting together wish lists and filling my 'save for later' boxes on webpages of things I'm lusting over. Here I have compiled a collection of items that I am severely craving. A simple black bag (HM), some patterned jeans (Peacocks), this beautiful and elegant Michael Kors jacket (one can dream). 

Some simple, delicate rings (HM) that I could potentially where for work and a pair of high top trainers. Preferably metallic, dark grey or patent black. This River Island set are what I am looking for. Finally this wonderfully girly playsuit by Anna Sui (again a girl can but dream). I have clearly been spending to many evenings pouring over the delights on Net-a-Porter.

Thankfully I still have some vouchers left over, so I may be able to get the black bag, jeans and shoes if I'm lucky. Putting together these kinds of lists, which I am hoping to make a regular feature, really helps me to determine what things I actually want and are not just impulse purchases. Living in such a small space, I really want to get on top of how much stuff I have, and keep a clean and spacious feel to our flat.

But, hey! You cannot expect a girl not to shop...