Sunday, 24 February 2013

...Sunday Update #14...

Jeans - New Look, Linen top - Charity shop, Cardigan - hand-me-down, Necklace - T.U

White linen, plain jeans and a chunky knit is all I need at the moment. The freshness of a simple outfit is always very pleasing as it requires very little effort. Today was an effortless day. Afternoon naps before a Sunday roast, reading the papers and catching up on some long over due blogs.

I took a little trip into the local Sainsbury to have a nosey around the new collection and was left feeling uninspired. But I seem to be like that with most things at the moment. Need to take some time out and focus on putting a bit more energy into my creative passions - photography, art, fashion, sketching, films. Whether its reading more about those topics or visiting galleries or actually sitting down, getting my paints out. Time becomes more precious when you try and fit more things in your life, or other things slowly become your main focus. Balance is the key and I'm going to work on finding that balance for me.

Well that got a bit deep for a moment there. When I'm in London I do think about those things that matter to me and maybe it's because I've taken myself away from my life in Worthing, so I'm more able to think objectively. Who knows. I've also been reading some great posts by Delightfully Tacky, which have definitely got me thinking about life in general. Go take a look.

In general life has been moving at a pace that I'm happy with and things are slowly taking the form I've hoped for. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the next few months follow in a similar vein. 


Thursday, 21 February 2013

...Lemsip and Bed are my Friends...

Blah, blah blah is how I am feeling at the current moment. Have for sure picked up some kind of viral bug as I have not felt this bad in a long time. The common cold I can handle but achey joints, banging headaches and a jippy tummy are not symptoms I want to be friends with anymore. Luckily most of it has passed now I feel ready to make my way back into society without the fear of being contagious, ha! Again something else that gets me annoyed - having to take time off work. Really bugs me when I have to let people down and call in sick.

In order to keep myself occupied and not kill myself with boredom (another reason why I don't like being sick - it's boring), I documented my daily boringness to share with you all. Lots of films were involved. And lying horizontal.

Thankfully I have been back at today and getting the blood flowing back through my veins, breathing life into my limbs. Still don't feel great but sometimes wallowing in bed does not help either. My moto - gotta suck it up and get on with it.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

...Flying Foxes...

As I make my way back into blogging again from another two week break, I thought I would begin with a very exciting project, which I mentioned in my previous post.

Last Summer I was fortunate enough to blog about an open house exhibition that happens every year (I believe) in the Brighton and Hove area for the Brighton Festival, which show cased an array of amazing artists, designers, illustrators, sculptures and many more. Take a look at that post here. This year I am again a very lucky girl as my friend is hosting, for the first time, a solo exhibition...Into The Wild (check out his blog here for more details), which will display a whole collection of truly interesting and dynamic pieces (I'm not being biased here), and I'm going to trace his every move here on my blog, well at least parts of it.

I want to share with you some intimate images I took a couple of weekends ago, that will mark the beginning of me blogging about his journery from the beginnings of bare wood to a gallery full of wonderful paintings. Here are few snap shots of an artist's personal studio (more will be posted on my flickr and shown on an upcoming post later next week, with a little extra something). 

I hope these insights have tickled your fancy and are eager to find out more...


Sunday, 10 February 2013

...Angora Delight...

Jumper - Espirit, Skirt - Charity shop, Necklace - Primark

Exciting ventures soon to be happening over here on DayDreamBeliever. Seems lots of planning is in order and cannot wait to share it all. It's a long term venture but the outcome is most definitely worth it, I can promise you that. Just keep an eye for some cheeky looking foxes. The above picture is a mere tastier of the project I am working on with my friend.

So in other news had some amazing pear cake today round my friends flat. Yum and no more need be said, ha! And my new angora sweater from Espirit is fabulously warm and snuggly. Love it. Such a pretty and sweet colour. Very pastel to brighten up the colder months and bring some colour to the dreary days that seem to be sticking around.

And as promised here is my new set of nightwear, strategically placed alongside a vintage book and delicately placed on the new bedding. Ha! It is all about the aesthetics. 


Saturday, 9 February 2013

...Passing Time...

Jumper & Hat - H&M, Jeans - New Look, Shoes - Office, Bag - River Island via Charity shop

And it's nice to be back. I like having time away to just do things and let life sweep you away. Although not much has been happening recently, otherwise you would have been notified, ha!

Work has been kicking my butt and I'm loving it. Feel really settled and confident of my place within the team. This was definitely a change for the better and am looking on to a brighter future. 

Last weekend was spend up in London with the mother and had a wonderfully relaxing time. Found some new bedding, which I will be doing a post on later. It took me a while to decide on what I wanted as styling your bedroom attire is a very personal thing to do, and is especially harder when you have someone else to think about. I went for a simple option with an amazing statement cushion. Am really loving simplicity at the moment. Simple clothing, simple make-up, simple bedding. 

Today was no exception, I found a beautifully delicate jumper in Espirit in the sale. A delightful and clean lilac colour and oh so soft. Perfect. Following in this 'simple' mindset, I picked up a new set of nightwear. Yes I am aware nightwear may not be the most exciting of topics but I love it. Wearing pretty, dainty or soft fabrics to bed makes me feel indulgent and like I'm pampering myself. It's the same with underwear; just because no one else may see it, doesn't make it any less special or thrilling. So more on those special items later.

I came home to hearty meal cooked by the boyfriend and sat down to enjoy my evening with a much lusted after glass of wine. Oh being a young, independent adult has its perks, ha!