Thursday, 25 April 2013

...Outfits: Illustrated...

Well, here I am again. Am loving my new posting regime and inspiration. I think it's come from some new blogs I've been reading. I say new, they are relatively old but I have only just found them. They have really helped get me back into blogging and have definitely boosted my inspiration levels.

I know this to be the case because I have begun drawing again, mostly my outfits as per usual. But when I checked the date on my last entry, I saw it was from last Summer. Not good. I certainly let myself go and my motivation was somewhat lacking, not just in drawing but, I suppose all areas of my life. It was not until towards the end of the year that things started to improve and I  began to find myself again. I have made some new friends over the past few months from my job and am loving life. Money is always crap and I'm useless at saving. However, from the end of this month I have started eating cleaner foods, exercising more and have made myself a budget plan for May to help improve my saving skills. I just want to get my life in shape really and make the most of what I've got. 

Basically life is pretty sweet at the moment. I know we can all complain from time to time, and sometimes the small things in life become larger than they need to be...but, in all honesty I am fairly happy most of the time and love it. So here are my two drawings from my new lease on life...Enjoy!


Monday, 22 April 2013

...Spring Time Blues...

Coat - Debenhams via Charity shop, Scarf - TKMaxx, Shoes - Topshop

Hi y'all! Another post! Wow, three days in a row. Am on fire right now and I have another lined for tomorrow. This obviously means I have been up to more things than usual, ha!

Very simple outfit again and some more blue tones for you. What can I say? Blue is my colour. Although the sun was shining, the temperature was on the chillier side yesterday so I opted for a warmer coat. You never know and plus, walking around the open spaces of a car-boot, you are not particularly protected from the wind.

Comfy outfits are always in need when hitting the car-boot. I feel you need to be able get down and rummage through things to find those special gems and hidden treasures. That's exactly what I did yesterday. Clean white shirt, with some skinny jeans and my trusty brogues, meant I was able to get down and dirty with the hoards of stuff at Fontwell.

Well, that's enough whittering from me this evening. I'm off to play my newest addiction of 'CandyCrushSaga'. Two days of play time and I'm on a downward spiral, ha!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

...Picnics for Two...

And the weekend weather keeps on coming. Another perfect day to make a pretty chilled and relaxed weekend. Today was spent wondering around the delights of Fontwell car-boot sale this morning with an American style lunch for afters. Found some pretty tops, for less than a fiver. Will show those later. I have actually got a lot of car-boot sale finds to show you guys. Most of it is crockery; dainty china plates and soup bowls, ha!

Have been sketching again. Mostly little pictures of my outfits but I forgot how much I love it. They don't take long, it's just nice to spend that time focusing on nothing else expect painting.

Here, however, is my summary from yesterday. Picnics and lazying around in the park. Plus a might good breakfast cooked by the wonderful boyfriend...


Saturday, 20 April 2013

...Outfit: Sunny Stripes...

Blazer - TU via Sainsbury, Trousers - Zara, Ballet pumps - Primark via Charity shop, Top - New Look via Charity shop

What a glorious day today. First picnic of the year done...Finally! Should of happened much earlier but not going to complain when the weather is this good. Vitamin D here I come. Today was the first day I braved shoes with no socks and it felt so good. Very simple outfit today; still windy down by the coast so a light jacket was needed and this striped, jersey blazer from the TU range at Sainsbury was perfect. Very blue today I was, with my trousers and ballet pumps. A wonderful find in my local charity shop and such a steal at £3.

Spent the day lazying around in bed, perfecting some yoga moves with the sun beaming through the window and then a gentle stroll along the beach with a picnic in the park to top it off.

How have you all spend your Saturday's?


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

...Vintage Tea, yes Please...

Coat - Charity shop, Boots - Store Twenty One, Bag - Notting Hill market, Gloves - TU via Sainsbury

Spending a day walking along the seafront in the sun, is my idea of a relaxing afternoon. Then stopping for a pot of tea in a vintage tea room to recharge and soak up the warming rays. That's exactly what James and I did on Saturday. I've posted about Worthing before and my love of the pier but I just love taking pictures of the old arcade. The two penny slot machines, where you never win anything but loose a few quid here and there. The beach looked stunning with the tide out and the sun glistening on the wet stones. Perfect photo opportunity.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

...Times are Changing...

Jacket & Dress - H&M, Shoes - Jasper Conran for Debenhams, Bag - River Island via Charity shop

The sun is out and it is above minus figures, and this makes me a very happy bunny. Everything is much better when the sun shines. I'm hoping Spring is merely round the corner, but alas I fear it is not. I'm not even sure we are going to get a Spring at this rate, with the craziness of the weather at the moment.

Well weather talk out of the way now. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderfully extended bank holiday as one my dear universities friends tied the knot on Tuesday. Going to your first wedding out of your friendship group was such a weird experience. I truly felt that the next stage in adulthood had begun. It makes you think about all things that are yet to come and all the experiences you are going to go through with your friends such as marriage, babies, mortgages etc. I was definitely one of the few who cried when the happy couple danced their first dance. It hit me how much we've changed as people and the new directions our lives are going in. Plus she looked absolutely beautiful and I was ecstatically happy for her, it all came out at once, ha!

The day was absolutely beautiful from the weather, to the ceremony, to the food, to the dancing. I have not laughed so hard or danced like a madman in such a long time. All of us from uni being there to celebrate together such a happy occasion. It took me a while to figure out what photographs I wanted to post. A little bit of my outfit, which I loved. Flapper dresses are just fun to wear. Also I wanted to sum up how amazing the day was and try to bring you a little bit of the joy felt by everyone there. Enjoy!