Monday, 24 June 2013

...Health/Fitness: What I wear...

Disclaimer: these opinions are based on my experiences and in no way represent what you should/shouldn't be doing. When taking part in any forms of physical exercise, listen to you body and seek proper advice. Please do not use this post as a key guide in fitness. Like I said these are my opinions...

Writing this post has been a challenge for me as I am no expert when it comes to talking about fitness or health but I know from my experience what works best for me, and what has been working over the past few months.

Let me start with my fitness journey and healthy eating patterns. I began to become more aware of what I was eating during my last year of University and really took great care when choosing foods during the weekly shop. From that I did loose a bit of weight and was really happy with the changes. When I finished and graduated I kept up the routine of eating right and paying attention to my weight. It wasn't until the following year that I joined a gym and found the benefits of working out and getting my sweat on. I did various classes, got into running (which lead to me completing my first ever 5K - Race for Life) and developed a love and passion for yoga. This regular and consistent form of exercising continued on/off for the past two years, mostly picking up speed during the lead up to the Summer months - bikini holidays are enough to scare anyone into getting fit, ha!

(running choices)

Now I rarely weigh myself and find keeping track of my measurements are a more accurate form of how my body is changing for the better or sometimes for the worse. At the current moment my weight has stayed the same for the last two months and have really only lost a few pounds. What I've found is that I have definitely gained some great muscle weight, tone and definition with regards to my body shape. I will talk more at a later stage about my changing body, my workout routine and healthy eating patterns. Here I wanted to talk about what I wear during my workouts. I like to wear items that have room for vigorous movements and fabrics that are breathable, especially as I like to go running and hate my clothes sticking to my body. When I do my DVD's I generally wear a pair of shorts and just my sports bra, maybe a small crop top for extra support. This is because I get very sweaty. Of course I use my yoga mat for extra padding when doing floor exercises.

(yoga/home dvd outfit)

I haven't gone out and brought overly expensive and fancy items of clothing but headed into my local sports shop and picked clothes that were cheap but did the job I wanted them to do. My trainers are perfect for running as they provide great ankle support and the sole has a great bounce in them. Now these trainers have been with me for years and as I barely wore them, I saw no need in purchasing new ones. Saved some pennies there. For yoga I like to wear plain, thin leggings or three quarter tracky bottoms and a vest top. Clothes that are soft and flexible are key for when practising yoga. For me looking good really motivates me to push harder during my workouts and makes me feel more comfortable in myself. This doesn't mean I go out and buy the latest brands or styles but pick clothes that appeal to me based mostly on colour and price. This may seem superficial but I think most people (not all) take just as much pride in what they wear to gym or out running as they do when dressing for any other part of their lives. Maybe, maybe not. That's just my opinion.

So there you have a little snippet into my world of fitness. Next time I will talk more about what forms of exercise I prefer and how frequently I workout...