Saturday, 20 July 2013

...Portugal: A Holiday Diary...

Cannot believe it has already been two weeks since we were sunning ourselves and napping the days away in Portugal. I have now finally gotten round to editing down my pictures to show you. We spent most of our time round the pool at our hotel and eating as much fresh fish as we could. Luckily we were placed down at the end of the complex in a small villa with our own private pool. Much quieter and less crowded than the main pool. When we weren't napping we headed into the local towns of Quarteria and Vilamour. Vilamour was stunning. Beautiful buildings and parks with an amazing marina., where there were far too many expensive looking boats about. Of course we spent time down at the beach playing bat and ball. All in all having time away from technology, people, traffic and noise was just perfect and exactly what we wanted. We took the time to wander out of the hotel and explore the local gypsy market one morning and we both came away with some bargains. It was amazing, they had set up huge canopies to shield everyone from the sun. Such a great idea.