Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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Monday, 27 January 2014

...Misc: My fave things of the moment...

It seemed that a few of you liked my previous post on my fave Winter must haves. So, I thought to carry on with this theme and show you some of what I've been lusting over this past month. Firstly these candles from the TU range at Sainsbury. I really do love the TU collection, from their clothing line to home furnishings. Each season brings new flavours of stylish, simple yet affordable fashion and interior must haves. Both of these candles smell wonderful. My fave being the Lavender & Geranium. Soothing and relaxing after those tried, stressful days. I nabbed these beauties in the New Year sale. Always a great time to grab a bargain.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will have seen the wish lists displaying my need for a good watch. I have seen loads knocking about from the classic rose gold Michael Kors and have kept my eyes peeled open for ones more in my price range. As the lucky girl that I am, my James got a gorgeous, plain, gold chained watch. Very simply and classic. It's chunky enough to wear as a statement piece of jewellery, paired with a delicate ring or two. Love it. Now I have my perfect weekend, evening watch.

Another fave item of the moment is Alexa Chung's kind of style autobiography. Such a beautiful book. The imagery within is so inspiring and the anecdotes along with them are short, sweet and simple. I knew this would be a book I would want when I saw the initial press for it. And as he is already so good at gifting giving, my wonderful boyfriend acquired it for Christmas. Cant quite believe how lucky I am to have a boyfriend so in-tune to my tastes and never ending wish lists…


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

...Outfit: Warm layers...

 Hat - TK Max, Cardigan - TU, Coat - Charity shop, Trainers - River Island

Wrapping up warm is probably my favourite part about Winter. Thinking about each layer, matching your scarf, hat and gloves. I am one of those people who over layer and end up getting very sweaty and claustrophobic. But, hey! It beats being cold. However, I have learnt that wearing a chunky knit, with a light top underneath and an easy coat, the best way to beat feeling over heated. This lovely beauty from TU was a great buy and worth the money. It's warm, soft and so cosy. The draping at the front I find is extremely flattering for my body shape. Paired with some simple skinnies, a beanie and one of my fave coats this season, the oversized man coat, is a winning combination in my book. 

I wore this outfit for a very unexciting trip to the cinema to see 'American Hustle'. See it! It's amazing. The casting, costumes, script and much, much more, were perfection. Jennifer Lawrence is a serious girl crush of mine at the moment. A brilliant actress with a great outlook on the world. I am beginning to gush a bit now.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

...Beauty: My Winter Faves...

I am not one for beauty posts, even though they are some of my favourite blog posts to read. I really take note of the blogging reviews out there. Some of my fave products have been bought through the posts I've read. For example I now use regularly Argan Oil to keep hair healthy and glossy, as it can become quite dry at the ends, now it's fairly long. I love this stuff and my hair has never been in such good condition...

So, without trying to influence anyone or 'big up' the brands displayed, here are my Winter beauty staples. My skin has always been my biggest problem and finding the right cleanses and moisturises a real struggle. Finally, it seems I have found what I've been looking for. Visibly Clear, by Neutrogena has done wonders for my complexion and this simple cleanser leaves my skin feeling tingly fresh. I use both the cleanser and exfoliator daily, in conjunction with my daily moisturises. Again, I use two types - a day cream and a night cream. Never thought I would buy into night creams but they do work. Nivea has always been good to me, and this night cream is light and ensures my skin looks rejuvenated the next day. For now my face is feeling pretty good and as I don't wear much make up, I am able to go bare faced for most of the week. 

Alongside, my face, my skin throughout Winter becomes dry and flaky from the harsh winds. I generally use Johnsons baby oil, although, I am currently into body butters. My skin is appreciating the dense form of cream that really gets into the pores. I generally moisturise at night so to allow the cream to sink into my skin and soak up all the goodness. Plus, I have been loving this new hand cream I received as a present from one of the kids at work. Smells divine. 

I think for exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin and body. It gets rid of dirt and grime from the week, and removes dead, flaky skin leaving you with glowing smooth skin. I also find it helps to buff away cellulite.  This exfoliating scrub from Lush has worked wonders. And as you can see not much is left. I use it about twice a week. No more as it can be harsh on your skin, and rub it gently so as not damage my skin either. After using exfoliators, I always moisturise.

Like I said before, I am no beauty expert and am by no means promoting these brands. I have merely commented on what works for me and my skin type. Maybe these items interest you in trying out new products. Over the years I have learnt that to find what works for you requires a lot of trail and error. Sometimes its not the most expensive ones that do the trick. What I use here are very inexpensive and I think work just as well...


N.B. All views expressed here have been written without anyone's involvement. This is not a post for product placement...

Monday, 13 January 2014

...Studious or Stupidity?..

...well, there is definitely an element of stupidity here, as working full time and then studying on top of that is a pretty suicidal thing to do. Trust me, I know. I am currently in this zone of not knowing where I left my last brain cell...

I love learning. Always have and always will. However, what I am in the process of doing now is working 40hr weeks, and then another 15hrs added on. This may not be actual suicide but it certainly hasn't meant much for social life. Not that I had one before this. Tragic but true.

September of last year, saw me embark on an intense 6 month course to become an Early Years teacher. It is a level 6, so degree equivalent, and has felt much harder than completing a 3 year course. Again take my word for it. When you're at university all you are doing is studying and maybe the occasional part-time hours of work to bump up your expenses. This is totally different to working full-time and then having to come home at 7, sit at a desk for the next two hrs writing or reading, or filling out summary sheets. Now, this course has taught me so much about my profession, and I spoke about my state of flux over the Christmas/New Year period and the unsureness of my future. I basically took two weeks off from studying to get my thoughts together and coming back into my course, seeing my tutor and starting back at work, really helped to clarify what I want in life. I know I am making the right decision to pursue childcare. What I mustn't forget is to take time for myself, do the things that inspire my creativity and just have fun with life.

So, here I am writing a post rather than opening my assignments and proof reading the hell out of them. I forgot what is what was like to write 10,000 words. I firmly believe if you get the opportunity to further you knowledge and understanding, to take it and go full steam ahead. Although these past few months have been stressful balancing workloads and commitments, I've learnt I am much more resilient than I initially thought. I have the capacity to achieve the things I feel I deserve. One thing I have loved the most was heading out to by a whole load of new stationary bits from notepads to pencil cases. How cute is the patterned one?

That's enough from me...


Friday, 10 January 2014

...Ford Airfield...

So, first week back at work and I've already gone more than two days between each post. Work really does suck any creativity from me. It really does. Anyways, continuing on from my last post, I wanted to show one of my favourite places to visit on a sunny Saturday morning - Ford Airfield in West Sussex.

I've already spoken of my love of second hand finds and the beauty of hunting through someone else's rubbish. Ford carboot is the first place I think of going. It's big, it's free and it contains a whole variety of objects from clothes, to general brick-a-brack to gorgeous old furniture. James and I spend a good hour hunting through lost treasures, scouring each stall to find some gems. This is the place where I picked up those beautiful old Jane Austin books. I have also managed to grab a few old china dishes for housing my jewellery. Delicate, bone china is always available at any car boot, and I just love picking up a few bits an bobs. Be prepared though to haggle and make sure you're spending your pennies wisely. The worst thing is coming away feeling ripped off...


Friday, 3 January 2014

...Treasure Hunting...

Finding a good bargain is always high on my list when heading out for a spot of retail therapy. For me the best bargains are found in the local charity shops or carboot fairs. Living down on the South East coast, in rural West Sussex, there are plenty of these knocking around. Hunting through someone's collection of knick-knacks and second hand goods is not something to undertake lightly. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty when rifling through some pretty dusty items. 

Over the past few years I feel I have mastered the art of finding those hidden gems no one else notices. I now spend a decent amount of time sifting through everything to make sure nothing is left unturned. You never what you might miss. I've also come to learn that you've got have an open mind to the potential of what's available. For example James regularly finds old consoles that are worth a few quid over on ebay, and will pick up discard guitars. All they take is a little sprucing up and you've got a half decent guitar to sell on. I personally aim to find things I can keep and most definitely use. Old books are always on my hit list, and have come away with some wonderful gems. Such as this collection of Jane Austin books...which I believe are fourth/fifth editions. The worn down spine and delicate pages I just couldn't resist, and luckily for me they all still in good enough condition to read...if I  so wish.

Alongside old books, old cameras are another must. I love and adore film photography. The graininess of the images and the washed out colour resolution is magical. I know that in today's world of editing one can merely create that look with the click of a button. To me it's all about taking you back to a specific moment when you captured that image. That's what you cannot beat. Just like this beauty here. You have to really think about how you want the image to turn out and are more conscious of any mistakes you might make. I have learnt a great deal from using old cameras, that has enabled me to take better images on my DSLR.

Apart from old objects, clothes and vintage treasures are up there on my list of things to gather. This skirt has been on my wishlist for years now and was never willing to part with my hard earned cash. However, with persistent searching, I stumbled across this little number in my local charity shop, along with these gorgeous kitten heals. Both so divine and for the fraction of what they would have usually costed. It's knowing I've made a saving along the way, that makes it all worth it.

Do head into your local charity shops and search for any car boot fairs in your area. I really feel that with enough determination and persistent you can find all sorts of lovely treasures, especially when furnishing your home...