Friday, 3 January 2014

...Treasure Hunting...

Finding a good bargain is always high on my list when heading out for a spot of retail therapy. For me the best bargains are found in the local charity shops or carboot fairs. Living down on the South East coast, in rural West Sussex, there are plenty of these knocking around. Hunting through someone's collection of knick-knacks and second hand goods is not something to undertake lightly. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty when rifling through some pretty dusty items. 

Over the past few years I feel I have mastered the art of finding those hidden gems no one else notices. I now spend a decent amount of time sifting through everything to make sure nothing is left unturned. You never what you might miss. I've also come to learn that you've got have an open mind to the potential of what's available. For example James regularly finds old consoles that are worth a few quid over on ebay, and will pick up discard guitars. All they take is a little sprucing up and you've got a half decent guitar to sell on. I personally aim to find things I can keep and most definitely use. Old books are always on my hit list, and have come away with some wonderful gems. Such as this collection of Jane Austin books...which I believe are fourth/fifth editions. The worn down spine and delicate pages I just couldn't resist, and luckily for me they all still in good enough condition to read...if I  so wish.

Alongside old books, old cameras are another must. I love and adore film photography. The graininess of the images and the washed out colour resolution is magical. I know that in today's world of editing one can merely create that look with the click of a button. To me it's all about taking you back to a specific moment when you captured that image. That's what you cannot beat. Just like this beauty here. You have to really think about how you want the image to turn out and are more conscious of any mistakes you might make. I have learnt a great deal from using old cameras, that has enabled me to take better images on my DSLR.

Apart from old objects, clothes and vintage treasures are up there on my list of things to gather. This skirt has been on my wishlist for years now and was never willing to part with my hard earned cash. However, with persistent searching, I stumbled across this little number in my local charity shop, along with these gorgeous kitten heals. Both so divine and for the fraction of what they would have usually costed. It's knowing I've made a saving along the way, that makes it all worth it.

Do head into your local charity shops and search for any car boot fairs in your area. I really feel that with enough determination and persistent you can find all sorts of lovely treasures, especially when furnishing your home...