Monday, 10 March 2014

…Food: More Tea Please...

It all it seems I do when I post about my food habits, is go out for afternoon tea.  A few scones here, couple of pots of tea there. I love it. It is one of mine and James's favourite things to do when we venture out and about. This weekend was no exception. The weather was glorious, warm and sunny, so we headed out to Arundel to make the most of it. What a wonderful day we had. Lunch outside, walks around the lake and meandering around the local shops meant we were thoroughly worn out by the end of the day. 

Now back to our tea escapades. We stopped off to rest our feet and quench our thirst in a cute little cafe tucked away in one of the many cobbled side streets. 'Sage' had the most delicious orange, flavoured scones, with freshly hand-whipped cream. Just yum. I love my afternoon tea, and savoured each bite. Having been ill for the past two weeks, it was so lovely to be out and enjoying the weekend and satisfying my appetite (which had disappeared for a while).

The scones were freshly baked and you can't beat a newly warmed scones that melt away in your mouth. It's so nice to treat yourself to little indulgences like this every now and then, or in our case every weekend. What I can I say? We like our tea…