Friday, 25 April 2014

…OUTFIT: Tweed and Shades...

Jacket - Mango via Second hand, Jeans - New Look, Shoes - Russel&Bromley, Glasses - H&M, Scarf - India

Weekends, especially bank holidays, are made for relaxing and chilling out. Exploring local attractions and just moseying around. That's exactly what I did the weekend just passed. Monday was spent nosing around a local fair in Worthing, along the seafront. Local foods, handmade crafts, and artists were out in full force, showing a whole variety of wonders. 

With regards to styling an outfit for a casual Spring day, I was a little at a loss. This interchangeable weather is playing havoc with my morning attire. To coat or not to coat? Scarf too much? Sunglasses really necessary? Well, these are the constant questions running through my mind. I cannot wait for summer and the simplicity that comes along with it, with regards to clothes…