Sunday, 13 April 2014

…Playing Dress Up...

Dress (Top - Zara and Skirt - H&M), Gloves - Claire's Accessories, Shoes - Charity shop, Jewellery - Various places

Oh dressing up is always fun, especially when you get the chance to be Audrey Hepburn from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. This is the most effort I have put into a fancy dress outfit, since about the age of 11/12, maybe? As I am currently on a tight budget, I wanted the challenge of creating an outfit using  items of clothing I already owned, rather than splashing out something I'll never wear again. I must say, it was harder than I thought.

I have plenty of black dresses, but either they are patterned or too short, and not keeping with the classic Audrey style everyone knows and loves. So, I assessed my wardrobe and noticed my long black skirt, and knew I could team it a plain black top. Perfect. The result was a simple, floor length 'dress'. Creating an outfit, and having to use my imagination in putting pieces together, was a great way to recycle my wardrobe. If you try hard enough, and I'll admit within the limits of what you're trying to create, your wardrobe can be used for anything. I am very much in this frame of mind at the moment. Only buying items I feel they are necessary and worthwhile. (N.B. The only items I did purchase were the little black shoes and gloves, all for less than a tenner, may I add).

When sourcing inspiration for my outfit, I noticed that the fashion in the late 50's, early 60's was much simpler, cleaner, less varied. Styles were clearly marked and people knew exactly what look they wanted to create - the classic black flick and rouge lips never fails and the simple silhouettes are just wonderful. People took the time and effort in putting their look together. I am only recently doing the same myself.

I suppose true fashion, and true style is timeless. I know in the varied fabrics and colours and multitude items of clothing I own, I have enough to recreate and restyle as many outfits as I need. Maybe I am just being a tight old git, but maybe I'm just finally being more savvy with my choices. Taking more care in how I present my style, and thinking all the time - What would Audrey do?